Sunday, April 01, 2007

April is not the cruellest month.

But it is a busy one. For a start, it marks my mum's 60th birthday which she'll be spending with her children (there's a big disagreement between mum and her own siblings about family land, so they aren't speaking). Apart from the inevitable mollycoddling that Mum'll give me, there's nothing I really dread about it. She can be a bit smothering at times, but excessive concern is better than none at all. And the woman's my mother! And I'm glad Sharon takes after her.

Also, more space-clearing of my soundtracks has to be done; I'm not selling any of 'em, but Shaz talked me into removing the jewel cases and putting them in pouches (thank goodness I've got cassettes and vinyl as well or I'd never be finished). Pros: Increases space, makes it easier when I move out of here... whenever that is. Cons: The inevitable adding of new ones. If you collect stuff and have it in some kind of order, you'll know what a pain it can be to take out all the books or albums or whatever to get your new additions in its right placing - moving everything down one place or two places or whatever. Telekinesis would be useful about now.

Plus, I still haven't registered for the Ubeda festival, and if I don't manage it soon I can't go. Procrastination is another family trait, alas. Which explains why I haven't changed my sheets in months.

On the bright side, only 22 days to go until Heroes comes back...

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to guess you can be a little anal about having things in order?