Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Wasted Opportunity Post.

The new issue of Vanity Fair gives the cover spot to Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. Okay, I can understand their reasoning with that, although it still confirmed that I ultimately don't like her that much. Inside, there's Cindy and five others. I can also live with that, even if the others include Linda Evangelista.

Picture link here. This confirms something else... that a fully-clothed Cindy Crawford trumps the combo of a bottom-baring Claudia Schiffer and a naked Naomi Campbell. Just dump the other five (Stephanie Seymour and Christy Turlington were there as well) and make it all about Cindy next time, huh?

The Seventeen Things I Can't Get Excited About Post.

1. The Watchmen movie.
2. The Dark Knight.

3. Actually, I can't even summon up enough ire to continue this rant. That's how little I care. Meh.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Voice Of Nevis Post.

Feltz: Michelle Rodriquez. Not that one, the newsreader (one of them) on this station. And I think she may. Well be. The worst... newsreader on the planet. If she was hired for her looks, that doesn't work on radio.

Cindy: Getting an idea of the Obama Effect reaching beyond home. The station reported that CNN did a story on how
performers in the Caribbean are adding to et al's efforts (incidentally, has now done three things to reduce his dickness in my eyes - one's that song, another is involving the Alba in its video, and a third is teaming up with Cheryl from Girls Aloud and mixing her so low that she may as well not be there, resulting in the best record yet to involve anyone from that mob), and this is certainly less embarrassing than songs about Sanford and Son and Dallas - I wish I was kidding, I really do. But there was also one from Nevis which was about the message in general without mentioning Mr. O by name - which I can't find anywhere, otherwise Butch might be interested.

Then again, if he heard it, maybe not... anyway, here's another video.

The It's Nice To Go Travelling Post.

In 1975, I went to my mum's homeland of Nevis with her and her by-now-estranged sister (long story and one I'm not going to go into here). Dad told me last week that I wrote to him all the time begging to come home. Having been back there over the past two weeks, I believe him.

A few facts about Nevis; it's small. Very small - only 35 square miles, and so titchy it's allied to its next-door neighbour St. Kitts. (Not that it's the only small island in this part of the Caribbean - you can see Anguilla from the place as well.) It's also very hilly; no matter where you go you can see the big mountain in the middle of the island, and good luck going anywhere without having to go uphill or down dale. Oh, and did I mention my uncle used to be the premier?

True. Uncle Vance's party was kicked out in 2006, and the new people in charge haven't done as good a job - according to Mum, and the frequent power cuts and water shortages certainly back her up (you have to buy even more bottled water here than you do in London, amazingly). Gah. But hey, at least I can claim to have a relative with an airport named after him (Vance M. Amory International Airport). And no matter where we went, there always seemed to be somebody we were related to... flipping heck, getting married there must be tricky.

On the downside, it was very quiet there (well, apart from all the loud music occasionally - and guess who didn't bring any of his own stuff along? You guessed it, muggins here! So no escape from the musical offerings of Voice Of Nevis, the soundtrackings of the people plugging mobile network Digicel, etc... thank goodness for YouTube in general (and Randy Edelman's NFL theme and Hayden's music video in particular) or I'd have snapped!). A bit too quiet, in fact... I'm not a country person. It suits plenty of people, true (visiting the Botanical Gardens for lunch, I talked briefly with a Jerry Springer-lookalike who'd moved there from New York - the pace suited him fine, and to each his own), but me, I'm a city boy. Or at the very least a suburban boy.

On the upside, it was with family... and there ain't nothing wrong with being around your parents and sisters. At the end of the day you need some people, and I do love them. (Also on the upside, I got to see most of Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty infomercial on TV Guide Network. And CNN's
Soledad O'Brien and Kiran Chetry...)

IN MEMORY OF: My being unspoiled for season 3 of Heroes. Darn you, Hayden Panettiere, for being such a fox... why couldn't Ali Larter, Dania Ramirez (yes, she's back) and Kristen Bell be the only women on the show? Then I wouldn't be so compelled to Google all the damn time.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Difference Post.

Conditional Feltz: Mya, if reports of her getting ideas way above her station are true. I'm sure the likes of Barbados Free Press will have something about it...


MADISON (WKOW) -- Hundreds of little kids who beat cancer spent the day (Saturday the 5th) at Monona Terrace in Madison painting, playing basketball, and posing for pictures with Supermodel Cindy Crawford.

It's the 4th Kids with Courage event, a five-year reunion for child cancer survivors. Crawford got involved in 1993 as a tribute to her brother, Jeffrey, who died at UW Hospital before his 4th birthday when Crawford was still a kid.

"A lot of little kids, honestly, don't know who Cindy Crawford is, or don't care. That's why I show up with a gift, like a stuffed animal," said Crawford, 42.

We met dozens of kids not shy at all when we asked about their cancer. "This is my scar from my brain tumor," said Anthony, 12, from Mosinee.

"I don't remember what my cancer was," said another boy, a 2nd grader, "but my mom would remember." Crawford says it's important to have these events for child cancer survivors to talk in the open about what they're going through.

"They don't want people tiptoeing around them," she said. Cancer survival rates for pediatric patients have improved significantly in the past several decades, from 30 percent to 80 percent or better today.

In fact, Crawford acknowledged her brother probably would have survived had he come down with cancer today.

Note to other celebrities: It's called not getting above yourself.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Reason For Backtracking Post.

Because I'm going to be in St. Kitt's-Nevis next week and most of the week after, I don't know if I'll be able to change the video spots on Sundays like I usually do. So I set it for the Queen and Hayden (instead of just one of them). I'm so generous. :)

Now all I have to is pack, buy a new set of trousers, get some teabags for Mum, hope the EC$=pound rate stays favourable (at 9:15:36 UTC, £1.00 = EC$5.32 or thereabouts), set the video...

The Monica Bellucci Post.

Friday, July 04, 2008

The Happy Birthday Post.

Happy birthday to Brandon Mars, alias Evil. Now how about updating? :) Here's a bit of the Alba for you (The Love Guru may have tanked, but who's getting the blame, her or Mike Myers?).

Happy birthday also to Andrew Smith, who also enjoys Cindy Crawford and is therefore a friend for life.

And you lucky, lucky Americans... getting a long weekend in summer!

So proudly we hail her.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Does Cindy Really Suck Young Men Dry? Post.

I don't know about you, but I like the term MILF more than the squirm-inducing "yummy mummy" or more specifically "cougar." And yet apparently Cindy qualifies as one - admittedly it does cover those women who are old enough to qualify as MILFs but who aren't actually mothers, but given that a cougar is a slang term for a woman in her 40s who goes after younger guys (and why does it seem so sordid put that way? Do you get people finding it creepy when you hear about older men going after younger women?.... Oh wait, yes you do. Carry on), the impression that Cindy is a predatory slut is kind of hard to live with. I can imagine Carol Vorderman going to events and scanning the room relentlessly for some hapless buck, but Cindy?

Anyway, my regular Googling of Cindy turned up this for-entertainment-purposes-only cougar draft. I have my doubts about a number of the women therein... but I have no doubts about Cindy's stunningness. Bless her for making me interested in furniture in Canada.

The Happy Birthday, Presley Post.

Nine years old... how time flies.

And I apologise in advance for yet another post about how hot his mother is.