Monday, April 27, 2009

The I Kissed A Girl, Another Girl And A Mouse And I Liked It Post.

Recently seen performing with Rihanna and Kelly Clarkson for CHUM-FM's Breakfast In Barbados, Katy Perry (whose real last name, I only just found out, is Hudson - changed to avoid confusion I guess, so there won't be any "Is it the singer-songwriter Kate Walsh or the deep-voiced Private Practice star Kate Walsh?"-type mishaps) went off to Disneyland for another concert. The reason my girl Hayden is there is that she was hosting the thing. Hopefully it helped take her mind off being robbed recently...

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The My Huckleberry Goddess Post.

Many, many, many thanks to argus1948 for this video of Cindy Crawford early on. Before Presley and Kaia. Before Rande Gerber. Before Val Kilmer. Before Fair Game. Before Richard Gere. Before House of Style. Before Playboy. Even before The Secret Of My Success.

As to the title of this post, listen to the music playing.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The I Guess I'll Be Seeing At Least One American Pie Movie Post.

In the ten years (!) since American Pie burst onto the world's screens, we've had two big-screen sequels and three DVD followups, exactly none of which I've ever seen. Universal put a stop to that by signing Rosanna Arquette to essentially play Eugene Levy to Bug Hall's Jason Biggs in American Pie: Book Of Love. To at least one blogger's dismay.

And with good reason. Work is work, misunderstand me not, and sightings of Rosanna are never bad - not even in Crash - but do we need yet another reminder of how things have changed for her since the 1980s (and not only because she's a mother of a teenage girl now)? It's bad enough that most of her recent projects have been unpromising-sounding movies made for Lifetime or DVD (Northern Lights, anyone?) - but this? Of course, it could turn out to be a diamond in the rough, but it'll more likely be filed alongside Rush Of Fear and Poison. Maybe more TV is the answer (The L Word, Medium, even Grey's Anatomy... hell, even What About Brian).

That said, the ultimate Rosanna Arquette bummer movies are ones where she's killed off; at least that won't happen here.
And there'll finally be a proper MILF in these (no offence to Jennifer Coolidge).

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Sometimes Doubling Up Is Good Post.

With thanks to The Pixar Blog for this info!

Disney/Pixar Greatest Hits arrives just in time for their newest one Up to arrive in US cinemas (it's not arriving in UK ones until the autumn - darn those halfterm audiences!). That's the only reason I can think of for it to include what Disney's shopping site lists as its last track. And why, despite my having all the other albums excerpted (except the commercial releases of Cars and WALL•E - I've got the FYC discs of Randy and Thomas Newman's respective scores), I may very well get this compilation; score tracks in italics.
Preorder here (Amazon has a preorder page as well, but with a different listing - I'm going with the Mouse).

1. You’ve Got a Friend in Me (from Toy Story) - Randy Newman
2. The Time of Your Life (from A Bug’s Life) - Randy Newman
3. When She Loved Me (from Toy Story 2) - Sarah McLachlan
4. If I Didn’t Have You (from Monsters, Inc.) - Billy Crystal and John Goodman
5. Real Gone (from Cars) - Sheryl Crow
6. Life Is a Highway (from Cars) - Rascal Flatts
7. Our Town (from Cars) - James Taylor
8. Le Festin (from Ratatouille) - Camille
9. Down to Earth (from WALL•E) - Peter Gabriel
10. Infinity and Beyond (from Toy Story) - Randy Newman
11. A Bug’s Life Suite - Randy Newman
12. The Flik Machine (from A Bug’s Life) - Randy Newman
13. The Cleaner (from Toy Story 2) - Randy Newman
14. Monsters, Inc. - Randy Newman
15. The Scare Floor (from Monsters, Inc.) - Randy Newman
16. Nemo Egg (from Finding Nemo) - Thomas Newman

17. First Day (from Finding Nemo) - Thomas Newman
18. Field Trip (from Finding Nemo) - Thomas Newman
19. The Incredits (from The Incredibles) - Michael Giacchino

20. McQueen and Sally (from Cars) - Randy Newman
21. Wall Rat (from Ratatouille) - Michael Giacchino
22. Colette Shows Him Le Ropes (from Ratatouille) - Michael Giacchino
23. Define Dancing (from WALL•E) - Thomas Newman
24. First Date (from WALL•E) - Thomas Newman
25. Memories Can Weigh You Down (from Up) - Michael Giacchino

Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Platters That Matter Post.

La-La Land's been putting out quite a few soundtrack CDs for TV shows of late - I've already mentioned their Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Batman: The Animated Series discs, and if I was one for Battlestar Galactica I'd mention their CDs for that show as well (oh wait, I just did). This week, the long-overdue score album of Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman's work on Heroes comes out for pre-order on La-La Land's site (you can already pre-order from Amazon). The CD features music from the first two seasons for sure, otherwise track 8 would be called "Jessica/Niki/Gina/Tracy/Barbara" (tracks in italics are tracks, as the credits say every week, "with the voice of Shenkar"; the asterisked tracks are also on the song album, and I think we can assume the earlier album's "Natural Selection" and "Homecoming" cuts are part of Mohinder's and Claire's suites respectively) and due to the short nature of a lot of the show's cues, many of the tracks are featured in suite form a la a lot of soundtrack albums from the late Maurice Jarre.

Pre-ordering from La-La Land will be my MO, to try and get one of the composer-signed copies. Check out the cover above - and based on the albums for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Summer Glau) and Lost (Maggie Grace), who wants to bet that taking the CD off the tray will reveal a picture of a certain diminutive, dolphin-friendly blonde with a heartrending smile?

1. Heroes Title (:14)*
2. Peter (6:12)

3. Claire (6:43)
4. Hiro (7:30)
5. HRG (6:24)
6. Mohinder (7:59)
7. Sylar (5:30)

8. Jessica/Niki/Gina (5:55)
9. Kirby Plaza (5:41)

10. Fire And Regeneration (2:21)*