Sunday, April 29, 2007

Anneza and Amanda.

Tomorrow is Anneza's last day at DMWorks. I'm not pretending that this is a good thing - another bummer to add to the list, especially after last weeks' bombshell. Anneza's not going directly to another job; she's still living at home, so I guess she'll be waiting a bit (like sending out applications, or whatever). I'll miss her - not only was she a good person to work with, she was hot. (I always seem to miss the hot ones - at least I still see Joanna and Karen occasionally. Very occasionally.) Plus when I had The Omen on she didn't ask me to turn it down but made stabbing motions instead a la Psycho. Good girl.

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Last Sunday morning I went to the "multimedia" (read: critics') screening of Lovewrecked with a fellow poster on Guardian Unlimited. Amanda Bynes made this movie in 2005 while she was still doing What I Like About You and it was still on the shelf when the show was cancelled; it wound up going straight to DVD and cable in America, but like the similarly illfated Havoc (Anne Hathaway), Three/Survival Island (Kelly Brook) and The Truth About Love (Jennifer Love Hewitt) it's getting a cinema release over here. Not really sure why, thanks to the ending being obvious as soon as it starts (Amanda is hot for a rock star played by Chris "Welcome to the O.C., bitch!" Carmack while her best male friend who fancies her stands by patiently... and so on), and more importantly thanks to it not being very funny. And to it being painfully contrived. And to Jamie-Lynn DiScala not being remotely believable as a teenage contemporary of 'Mands. And to Alfonso "Carlton" Ribiero being even less believable as a Caribbean hotel manager. And to the makers yet again making up a Caribbean island (St. Lucius?!) - at least the movie was filmed in the Dominican Republic. And to Lance Bass being one of the executive producers. And to...

Yet another case of Amanda Bynes being better than her material. Will she ever be in another thing as good as Robots?

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What the hell is it with Hollywood and crap movies?