Monday, April 30, 2007

A few random irritations.

Grindhouse being split in half for the UK market following its poor US performance and the two resulting movies being released months apart. This is one of those times to be thankful for multiregion DVDs.

CSSA members Mr. Blasphemy (he's no Dr. in my book) and Catden. Pains-in-the-butt, both of them (the former a tasteless, grammar-murdering twit, the latter proof that age doesn't always bring wisdom); a jewel-studded shovel in the face cannot come their way soon enough.

Not having the VCR a-running when the end credits for H2O: Just Add Water come along without the usual annoying Nickelodeon promos for once. (YouTube has them with a Network Ten announcer, so no embedding.)

Flicking over to CNN to check out Monita Rajpal in Art of Life and being greeted by The Man in the Plastic Bubble instead. Actually, that allegation's unfair; at least the Boy in the Plastic Bubble wasn't deluded.

Hugging Anneza goodbye today. Because it was the first time I did it, and most likely the last.

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Anonymous said...

Splitting it into two movies can ALMOST be understood. But releasing them months apart? WTF is up with that?

Sorry about the other irritations.