Saturday, April 14, 2007

Still longer than Jennifer's list.

Unlike Jen, I actually like seeing movies in an actual cinema. The trouble is with the big season coming up working out what exactly I want to take in... and this year isn't thrilling me that much, thanks to Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (enough already) and Shrek the Third (not interested in feeding Mike Myers' ego, thanks. And Justin Timberlake's involved). Turistas has gotten a name change to Paradise Lost, but American tourists getting savaged in Brazil is a turnoff (and on the subject, the cast includes Olivia Wilde and Melissa George). Underdog should have been animated, not live action with a CGI dog that looks like a real dog for eff's sake. And Ocean's Thirteen... no. No. No no no no no no no no NO.

So as I ask Jen from time to time, is there anything coming out that I do want to see? Yes... (British release dates courtesy IMDb).

May 4: Bridge to Terabithia and Spider-Man 3
May 18: Zodiac
June 1: Grindhouse
June 15: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (even if it does give screenplay credit to my least favourite Simpsons writer, Don Payne) - UK premiere is on the 12th, and fingers crossed Jessica comes over like last time...
June 22: The Hitcher (if only to see if I can get on board the Sophia Bush thing)
July 6: Live Free or Die Hard (I've seen all three of the previous ones in cinemas, and I won't break the chain with this)
July 27: Transformers (even if it is directed by Michael Bay) and The Simpsons Movie (Shrek can go fuck himself, this is the cartoon I'm most eager for... especially since Ratatouille isn't opening in the UK till October)
August 3: Evan Almighty and Nancy Drew

I'm sure there's more, along with Surf's Up, Superbad and possibly SherryBaby (Maggie Gyllenhaal, people!). Now if this was a list of movies I'm not looking forward to...


MuffinMan said...

Seems like Spidey 3 and the Simpsons movie are the only flicks getting a US/UK release on the same day...any word on when "Knocked Up" is coming out over there (Katherine Heigl, people! ;) )?

Anonymous said...

I've expressed my discontent with Bridge to Terebithia.

And I want to see that Simpsons movie. Badly.