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The final part.

"Look, don't you think I've tried to talk sense into her myself?" Lesley told a harried-looking Cindy, frustrated not only because of Hayden's absence but because of her temp's presence - Cindy could handle a lot of it but not all of it, or she'd have gone without until a permanent one arrived. And the new girl wasn't in Hayden Panettiere's league... she wasn't even in Hayden CHRISTENSEN's league.

"It doesn't matter what I say to her, it's no go," Lesley continued, cross herself because she had to talk business without the benefit of female companionship - the only one available at such short notice was Susan Sarandon, and... well... Lesley had a thing against sleeping with older women. "Stubborn as a mule, that girl. But..."

"If it was just her as a maid I could probably handle it," Cindy continued, "but... you know how ever since I started this I promised the customers I'd try to get them whoever they wanted. Anyone SHE didn't get," she added, crossing herself and spitting at the indication of J-Lo. "And Hayden's definitely one they want. Racing Stripes, Ice Princess, Raising Helen, even Tiger Cruise... I've been getting requests from the teenage boys and their dads and the perverts for the past few years, and now she's on TV every damn week they keep on coming..."

"I just bet they do," Lesley laughed. "Raising Helen you say? You could redo that movie a lot better now that Kate Hudson's on board if you get her."

"What about Helen Mirren?"

"Sweet Mother of Mercy, no!" Lesley cried, making a face. "But I'm sure I can talk her into it... there's something Hayden wants you to agree to first. Actually, something I want you to agree to first."

"You name it."

"Well..." Lesley rested a hand on Cindy's leg. "Ever been bossed around?"

Cindy thought it over for just a second. "For how long?"

"Just a week," Lesley replied, starting to slowly stroke Cindy's leg.

Hayden's alarm kicked in at 3 am to drag her out of her slumber into the unforgiving light of day... well, maybe not light since the sun wasn't up yet. Whatever, it was still an hour before she usually had to get up and get ready to be on set; not even the larks were up yet. But with the light from outside in the corridor showing through a crack in the door, she knew who WAS. Hayden quickly threw on her bedrobe and padded outside.

Cindy was waiting for her in the corridor, and had been waiting for the past 15 minutes with her head bowed dutifully. Hayden clapped once and the supermodel looked up expectantly.

"You're going to help me get ready for shooting," the girl said briskly.

"Yes, ma'am," Cindy said quietly.

"And then you're going to come with me to work," Hayden continued. "You'll be waiting for me to come during breaks in filming, and you will always make me come no matter how much time you have. If you do well, you won't have to be with me again this week. If you don't, same time every day."

"Yes, ma'am."

"But first, take your clothes off."

"Yes, ma'am."

Cindy obediently disrobed for her young mistress, Hayden studying the woman intently. Her eyes flicked towards Cindy's still-fetching rack when she bared it, then scanned down the long legs of the boss as she lowered her velvet panties, before zipping back up to look at her lightly trimmed cunt as Cindy stood tall again. "You have a beautiful body, Cindy," Hayden said, hoping her tone was all business.

"Thank you, ma'am," Cindy replied.

"Turn around and wait until I say you can come in," Hayden instructed. She watched as Cindy did a 180, presenting her fine ass to the teenager; Hayden looked at it for a long moment before entering the bathroom, taking her robe off and stepping naked into the shower. "You can come in now," she called.

Cindy stepped inside to see Hayden holding the tubing with the shower head in her hand, dangling it by her legs and leaving no doubt as to who was in charge. "Bathe yourself," she told her slave, pointing the nozzle towards the lotions and soap before handing the tubing to her. "Then me."

In the private collections of at least seventeen of Cindy's off-base customers at home and abroad was a homemade movie of the moled one taking a long and meticulously observed (by the customer/director) shower; Cindy had joked the first time that after Fair Game it was the least she could do. Now she took the soap and started to lather up as she aimed the shower's jets at herself as Hayden studied the water flowing over the woman's shoulders and down her body. She was glad that Jansen a) wasn't old enough and b) wasn't attracted to Cindy - sharing her with Mom was rough enough without baby brother getting in on the act. Putting all thoughts of the bro out of her head, Hayden studied Cindy soaping up her breasts, the boobs shining under the motions; outwardly she was calm, an unemotional mistress watching the woman under her thumb using the soap all over. But inwardly, she was leaping all over the place with glee at what she was watching; she was particularly thrilled with the sight of Cindy's pussy dripping while she lathered up her legs. Cindy let the water sluice the suds off her body before quietly saying "All done, mistress."

"Good. Now bathe me. And if I even think you're treating this as anything other than work..." Hayden indicated the shower head.

Cindy started to move the soap all over Hayden's little body, putting on enough pressure under the water to get a decent lather but not enough for the girl to think she was having a grope or something; even realising that her pussy was incredibly hairy didn't make her go any deeper than she had to (Cindy just filed that image away for later). There wasn't a sound in that stall but the patter of water on the tiles as Cindy scrubbed Hayden clean, pleased that her complexion was smooth and pockless - youth aside, the Neutrogena use was paying off.

All went well until Cindy had to go down on one knee to soap Miss Panettiere's well-rounded rump. As she finished the cleft, Cindy had to adjust the grip on her mistress's left buttcheek a little... only a little, but she couldn't avoid giving the girl's ass a tiny little squeeze as she did. Tiny, but still enough to get a little gasp from the girl.

"Sorry, mistress," Cindy quickly said as she moved the hands and soap up, but it was too late. Hayden reached behind her and snapped her fingers, indicating she wanted the soap. Once she had it she turned to face the boss, her face and tone calm.

"You did that on purpose."

Even though Cindy's fingers had certainly enjoyed that firm, soft behind, she shook her head.

"Don't lie to me."

"I... I'm not lying, mistress. It was an accident. I promise it won't happen again, I swear."

"I believe you. However - " Hayden took the shower tubing in her hand. "Turn around, kneel and bend over."

Obediently Cindy assumed the position, crouching on her hands and knees, eyes wide and butt presented towards Hayden. "Since the crime took place around the butt, the punishment..." Hayden let the sentence lie as she held the shower head above Cindy's buns, watching the spray for a few moments before unscrewing the fixture. "I doubt even a woman with an ass as fine as yours has had it up there enough times to fit this in with the head still on. Still, we can't all be Vida Guerra, right?"

"Right, ma'am," Cindy replied, instead of telling her how anal-loving ladies working for her (Vida, Shakira, Melissa Theuriau, Petra Nemcova) and Jennifer Lopez (Natasha Bedingfield, Jessica Biel, Angelina Jolie, the Michalka twins) had been cutting back on and/or raising rates for backdoor sex after ex-Cindy Inc. lady Avril Lavigne's unquenchable thirst for taking it (and often *them*) in the butt had left her with an asshole the size of the Channel Tunnel. She counted her blessings that the Panettiere household used molded plastic instead of metal when she felt Hayden run the naked nozzle along her cleft as the girl turned the water off.

"Open your ass," Hayden instructed. "As it was an accident, I'm going to lube you up. THIS time."

"Thank you, ma'am," whispered the boss as she spread her buns for the teenager, who squeezed a stream of shower gel into her anus before she placed the tip of the nozzle on top and slowly started to manoeuvre it in. Because of the ridges around the top, Hayden couldn't just shove it in there; she moved very carefully, sliding it in with a little circling motion as if she was screwing it in. Resting her hand on the small of Cindy's back, Hayden felt the woman's body moving with her increasingly hard breathing as she slid the shower nozzle up her further, gradually moving it just a little faster. She couldn't pump it as fast as she'd like without really hurting her slave, but she could still get a little rhythm going - and Hayden definitely felt tingling in her cunt when she saw the length travelling in and out of Cindy's behind. She delicately sent it in a little further, ignoring Cindy's little cry - by this time the whole head was in there and a bit of tubing. Hayden drew it back a little, producing a sigh of relief from Cindy, and then sent it forward a tiny bit deeper.

On and on it went for the next ten minutes, with Hayden stroking Cindy's back and coring the woman a little deeper each time, and Cindy unable to say anything for all her gasping. The girl was growing more confident with each twist, drilling into Cindy's asshole a little faster each time, and rolling the tubing along her buns, snapping it across them every now and then. Hayden let a hand stray to the shower taps as she gave one last push inside Cindy's ass before slowly bringing it out, with Cindy's low moan accompanying; she looked at the supermodel's gaping backdoor for a second before wielding the nozzle again and plunging it into her quim, with less concern for space this time. "AAAAHhhhh..!!!!" Cindy cried, bucking upwards from the unexpected thrust as Hayden ruthlessly thrust the shower appliance deep into the boss, further up her than any cock could ever have reached. Hayden fed her the shower tube and drove it back down and out again, most of the way before thrusting into her again, and Cindy wailed again, but with more pleasure this time.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" Hayden slammed the tubing into the boss again. "MA'AM... I LOVE IT!!! YESS!!!!! DON'T STOP!!!! AAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!" Cindy screamed as her cunt was flooded - Hayden had turned the shower back on, giving Cindy the greatest cleansing of her life. Hayden thrust the shower fixture into the woman one last time as she orgasmed over it, before finally pulling it out and slapping her upraised ass with it. Cindy's gasps tailed off as she came down from her high, while Hayden turned off the water and watched.

"You've done well, slave. Now get dressed, and get me something to drink before we leave," the girl said, not allowing herself to smile at the sight of the creaming madame. "We've got a busy day. At lunchtime I expect my ass to be properly eaten by you."

"Yes, ma'am," Cindy panted as she, still not quite able to walk properly yet, began to crawl out of the stall.

"And Cindy..." Hayden added.

"Yes, ma'am?"

"If you do a good job, I might let you fuck me this evening."

Every day and every night it had been like that - Cindy had gone to Lesley's or vice versa, and had spent hours at her beck and call; and now the last night had come, with Cindy tied to the bed spreadeagled and naked as Lesley mounted her and bestowed a kiss on her slave. "You've been a very good girl, Cindy," she said, spreading her fingers over the supermodel's breasts and moving them along her form. "A very good girl." She bent to kiss her again, undulating her body for Cindy's benefit and moving herself forward so her own breasts were tantalisingly close to Cindy's face; Lesley got a thrill from seeing the slave's eyes widen and her face struggle against the gag; Cindy wanted to taste those tits and be on top of Lesley badly. And someday she would. But not today.

In the hallway, Hayden smirked as she watched Cindy writhing beneath her mom's touches and kisses. The supermodel let out a muffled groan as she lifted her head up to try and get a peek at Lesley moving down her body, her kisses soft and lingering as she stroked the boss, but Cindy took her eyes off the woman and finally noticed Hayden watching her in anticipation. Lesley couldn't see Hayden, but she knew her daughter was watching - with one last lick on each of the boss's freckled erect nipples, she slid off Cindy and beckoned her daughter to come over. Hayden strutted into the room towards the bed, eyeing the boss as her mom pointed to Cindy and whispered "Finish her off."

Hayden slid fluidly between Cindy’s legs, looking lustfully up at the bound and gagged Cindy. She grinned and licked her lips before she bowed her head and tasted her boss for the first time. Cindy shut her eyes and moaned beneath the gag at Hayden’s touch; she hadn't put as much cunnilingus into her 17 years as some of the other girls had, but the first time she had done it she had gone at it as if she'd been born to it. Now Hayden was licking out the woman who held the chance to make her dreams come true in her hand... but even if Cindy hadn't been her potential boss she would have been waiting for this moment. Hayden touched Cindy’s clit with her thumb and finger as she continued to lick away; a few little rubbings were all it took for Cindy to get going. She arched against her bindings, groaning under the gag as she began to buck her lower body, thrusting as hard as possible in order to get more of Hayden’s tongue in her.

Cindy was dying to rip her hands out of the ropes; she had to get them on the back of Hayden’s head right now, but the teenager's skill with the tongue kept the supermodel on the brink of orgasm, almost biting through the gag as she kissed and furrowed deeper, pressing a tiny finger up Cindy's hard to resist behind and loving the extra muffled cry she got. From the corner of her eye Hayden noticed Lesley watching, her eyes gleaming with joy and her right hand busy between her legs, fingers thrusting through her cunt as she watched her daughter going down on Cindy.

With a light cover of sweat over her grinding body, Cindy moaned through the gag as she gave her body completely to Hayden’s skilled and searching tongue. The kissing, the tasting, the sucking... kicking against her ropes, Cindy finally gave in and came all over Hayden’s face as she let out a big moan. Her body shook as the sensations flowed through her, while Hayden licked her lips again and raised her head to look at her slave, nodding in satisfaction. From behind them, Lesley's own little groans joined in as she shuddered against the wall, her naked body steaming from what she had just seen.

"The week's up... a bargain's a bargain," Lesley said, half sighing and half laughing as she untied the creaming Cindy.

"So am I in?" Hayden asked as Cindy was ungagged.

"Yeah," the supermodel gasped. "As soon as your mom's done, I'll fill you in on your first job. I told you, you were gonna be here anyway..."

There was still some time that had to go by before Hayden could get to work.

Some time, in this case, being a few hours later.

"So there's a few things I need to let you know before you start your first job," Cindy said as she and Hayden, now dressed in a short skirt and a black top, strolled down the street

"More rules?" Hayden complained. "You're worse than NBC's lawyers."

"Not rules, just... formalities... you’re still under 18 so you're not OFFICIALLY on the books. UNofficially..." Cindy held out a hand. "Congratulations, Hayden. You are the newest member of Cindy Inc."

Hayden smiled and grabbed Cindy, throwing her arms around the supermodel madame and kissing her.

"Mmmmmm, that’s nice..." Cindy found herself returning the kiss and started to put her arms around Hayden, before she remembered where they were and composed herself. ".,, anyway, you’ll still be my maid, but you’ll be available to anyone who asks for you."

"Thank you Cindy," Hayden replied, noting that they had stopped by a black limo.

"You're still being broken in tonight though."

"Who's the guy?"

"Rules of the game - the new ladies never know in advance. Don't keep the customer waiting," Cindy grinned, laying her hand on the limo as Hayden opened the door.

She gasped as she saw who was in the limo - it was a goddess. A mocha skinned goddess. A very naked, mocha skinned goddess. One she'd regretted never actually working with on "Heroes."

"TAWNYYYYYY!" Hayden squealed as she got into the limo with Tawny Cypress and Cindy slid inside on the other end, watching and beaming as if she was a very sexy fairy godmother.

"Hey baby doll..." said Tawny seductively, patting the girl's arm. "I've been waiting for this a *long* time."

"Thank heaven it's not Greg," Hayden grinned as she slid down to the floor of the limo. Tawny kissed her neck as she slipped off the girl's top before resting her hands on Hayden's chest and giving it a small rub. As she sighed happily under her touch, one of Tawny's hands went down under the girl's dress and finding she was bare underneath, rubbed her clit. To her delight, Tawny realised that Hayden was damp and hot already; she was dying to stick her head between those legs, but that had to wait a bit... so much more to have first.

Pulling her dress off and sitting nude on the woman's lap, Hayden moaned heavily as Tawny placed hot little kisses on her neck, nibbling gently. A smile came over Hayden’s face as Tawny put her lips onto the teenager's. She stuck her tongue in her co-star's mouth and Tawny instantly returned the favour, going with the flow. Hayden giggled a little as they broke the kiss, and Tawny smrked as she pushed the girl flat on the floor of the spacey limo, forcefully spread Hayden’s legs and whistled approvingly at the sight of her open cunt, before she started to lick the girl out. Wriggling underneath the woman and fondling her lovely dark head, Hayden let out some moans - partly from Tawny's hungry mouth and partly because Tawny was holding her legs tighter than she'd have like, but she soon got into the rhythmic, passionate licking, groaning about how great Tawny's tongue felt between her legs.

Cindy was getting into it too; scanning the two naked females as she spread her own legs. Ever since that first night with Jessica Alba it had been a tradition for La Crawford to watch her new recruits, and she meant really watch - Cindy always masturbated to the breaking-ins; as well as being fun for her (she had always been a bit of a voyeur),how much they made her get off was usually a sign for how they'd work in the bordello. Sometimes, as with the Alba and Cat Deeley, she got off; sometimes, as with Ashlee Simpson and Denise Van Outen, she didn’t. Slowly stroking her moistening pussy and watching Hayden's gorgeous pink body undulating under Tawny's... tawny one, she knew this would be one of the times when she did.

Caressing Hayden's legs, Tawny continued to lick as the blonde smiled and started to buck her pussy toward Tawny’s waiting mouth, her body shaking in delight and her hands starting to tear into the cushions as Tawny's tongue moved in and out of her snatch, not leaving any part of it untouched. Hayden’s moans became more and more pleasureful, and she started to get more into it; she started to visualise herself licking Tawny's hot body all over, sticking her tongue in her mouth, her pussy, her asshole, everywhere. Hayden threw a yearning glance at Cindy, her eyes pleading for the woman to sit on her face so she could have some of that; but Cindy, her own eyes twinkling, simply mouthed "Uh uh," and fingered herself as she enjoyed the spectacle.

"ooooooOOHHHHH...." Hayden knew that she was going to explode soon if Tawny kept on down there much longer. The older woman peered up at her lover as her mouth quickened near the finish line; Tawny could see the look in Hayden's eyes, and she could tell that they were both going to get off at the same time. It didn't often happen, and not usually with someone as sexy as this little girl... Tawny imagined seducing Hayden during "Heroes" downtime - getting her on her lap, the girl winking up at her... coinciding with her deepest taste yet, Tawny felt a sudden flood in Hayden's pussy as she heard the girl's loud screams of delight, coming as Tawny felt her own body filled with heat and she moaned over the girl's blonde box.

Watching them, Cindy's hands were making her jerk around in her seat - Cindy felt her own heat exploding from her cunt as she Tawny and Hayden all cried out in orgasm; gazing up at the supermodel, Hayden spasmed on the limo floor and covered Tawny's mocha face with her pussy juices while the woman clutched the girl's hips, gasping as her cumming subsided before she slid up Hayden and took her in her arms, kissing her again.

"Welcome... to Cindy Inc," said Cindy said as soon as she recovered.

Fondling Tawny as she began to nuzzle the woman's breasts, Hayden merely smiled. Tawny had been the first woman she had fucked on Cindy's dime, and she wasn't going to be the last. But first...

"Cindy... can I ask a favour?" she asked, still smiling.

It was the moment Andy had been waiting for. It was the moment males across the land had been waiting for. After weeks of agonised waiting, it had finally happened... Heroes was back on.

With the phone off the hook, cellphones switched off and Eileen (or as Andy called her, "mom") upstairs with her TiVo'd Rich Bride, Poor Bride shows, Andy and his dad settled in, waiting for the "Previously on Heroes" bit to kick in. Right on cue, there it was to fill in viewers on what had happened since hiatus.

His dad saw Andy's feet rubbing together as soon as Hayden-as-Claire came on, and smiled knowingly - Andy didn't go and tell his dad about his crushes, but the father knew about Hayden working as a maid for Presley's mom. In fact, he knew a fair amount about this girl beyond her being a talented actress. He knew what she'd done on Saturday night, for instance.

She'd been dusting around his bedroom - actually the room he'd been assigned to when he visited Cindy Inc. that weekend after the positive response the bookers had given his request. Hayden had been chatting away while polishing the knick-knacks, and bending over from time to time in the process - letting him see that the girl wasn't wearing anything underneath.

"You've earned your bonus, Hayden," he'd said casually, coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around her.

"Thanks, sir," the girl had replied. "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"Well, I think you know what you can do..." he'd said, snaking his hand up under her dress and cupping one of her buns.

"Oh, sir, I can't..." Hayden had replied in character. "My boss and your wife would kill me!"

"What my wife doesn't know won't hurt her," he'd told her (which was true - his wife, like many of the wives of the customers, didn't know he was there). "And hasn't your boss tried it with you?"

"Yes..." Hayden had admitted, looking back at him and giving him a smile as she patted him. "And he wasn't as cute as you. As long as it's one time and you use a condom..,"

"I promise," he'd lied as Hayden bent over the end table, her maid's uniform pulled up over her hips. He wasn't lying about the condom (the rules were that everyone at Cindy Inc., prostitutes and customers alike, had to have protection), but there was no way he was going to pass on semi-regular Panettiere-fucking. With that soft, round bubble butt raised up at him, he'd grabbed his swollen prick and aimed it at Hayden's cunt, sinking inside the girl and wailing with joy at how tight she was; Hayden's screams of happiness had been rivalled only by his own screams as his balls had slapped against her butt, their bodies pounding against the table as she'd ground against him. He'd known that even though he had paid for half an hour it would be a lot less time than that before his cock had shot its cream into that damned condom, but with warm, half-naked Hayden under him the memory and the money would be worth it... and as the episode got underway, Andy's dad allowed himself a little glow of self-satisfaction that his son hadn't gotten to bang her yet. Or ever, if he had anything to do with it. Glancing at the lad's foot-rubbing again, he didn't say anything.

Andy's foot-rubbing was due to his memories of the last time he had gone to pick up his brother from Presley's. And of meeting Hayden, back there cleaning on her duty Saturday. And of their leaving the boys alone for ten minutes. And of the way Hayden had looked up at him with his cock deep in her mouth. And best of all, of finding she swallowed.

Father and son silently thanked Cindy Crawford together without either of them knowing it as they settled back to watch Chapter 19.

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