Monday, December 01, 2014

The Big Mistake Post.

So I'm trying to write part of one story and all of another for a Yuletide challenge. But it coincides with The Very Best Of Michael Nyman: Film Music 1980-2001 being next on the listening post - which I got at a British Heart Foundation shop some weeks ago.

It's immensely annoying. And makes it impossible to write anything story-related. Plus it's more than TWO AND A HALF HOURS LONG. So that's fantastic for Nyman fans, but...

Monday, September 01, 2014

The Not Like This Post.

As I write this, Twitter is a-twitter with the news that some criminal (let's call a spade a spade here) has gotten hold of a bunch of nude pictures of women people all over the world want to see nude.  Now I won't lie - if there was a movie with Jennifer Lawrence or Kate Upton or Hayden Panettiere (to name three of the women on the master list - I've seen the list, but you can go look for it yourself) baring all, I'd be wanting to see it.

But there's a difference between willingly disrobing in a movie or in a photoshoot for a magazine and doing so in the privacy of your home for only significant others to see. Why can some people not see that? According to this article, Twitter's suspending the accounts of users who pass on the pics - I can only applaud. Which is another way of saying if you're expecting links to the pictures, you won't find them here.

Monday, May 12, 2014

The So How'd I Do? Post.

Before the standard look at the new shows and their chances at a UK home, let's round up last year...


Almost Human
What I Said: "With J.J. Abrams involved, better than good."
Was I Right? Yes - Watch bought it.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
What I Said: "Not out of the question."
Was I Right? B9-9 went to E4.

What I Said: "Extremely good, even after the Oscars."
Was I Right? Yep - ITV2 bought it, even after what happened the last time a Seth MacFarlane show was taken by an ITV channel (the ironically named The Winner).

What I Said: "Extremely low."
Was I Right? Yes.

Gang Related
What I Said: "I'd say pretty good. Sky One or Channel 5 sounds about right."
Was I Right? Well, as it happens it's launching later this month on Fox, so...

Murder Police

What I Said: "Fox animated shows usually do."
Was I Right? Fox cancelled this without showing a single episode, so no.

What I Said: "It might do."
Was I Right? It did, to Universal Channel.

Sleepy Hollow
What I Said: "Sky 1 or Watch will likely come a-calling."
Was I Right? They may well have bid, but it's Universal Channel who got it.

Surviving Jack
What I Said: "Not great."
Was I Right? Oh yeah.

Us & Them
What I Said: "If it does well, it just might."
Was I Right? See Murder Police.

Wayward Pines
What I Said: "It could happen."
Was I Right? Not yet, but it's getting the Fox International Channels treatment. Also, see Gang Related.


About A Boy

What I Said: "Not out of the question - the film version of High Fidelity wasn't hated in these parts."
Was I Right? It went to Sky 1.

What I Said: "What part of "Alfonso Cuaron and J.J. Abrams" don't you understand?"
Was I Right? Watch bought it.

The Blacklist
What I Said: "Pretty good."
Was I Right? Yes - this was the first of the new shows to get a UK buyer (SkyLiving).

Chicago PD
What I Said: "Since the original show did, there's a good chance this'll follow."
Was I Right? Not yet.

What I Said: "I'm not sure."
Was I Right? Watch took it.

What I Said: "It probably will..."
Was I Right? Not yet.

What I Said: "With SkyLiving as one of the partners? Count on it."
Was I Right? Oh yeah. No prizes for guessing where it went.

The Family Guide
What I Said: "Better than Family Tools."
Was I Right? Er, no.

What I Said: "The Ving Rhames version of Kojak did, so..."
Was I Right? Surprisingly, yes - 5USA took all nine produced episodes.

The Michael J. Fox Show
What I Said: "High."
Was I Right? No.

The Night Shift
What I Said: "It might, if (it's more like Scrubs and less like Surgical Spirit)."
Was I Right? This is another summer series that hasn't premiered yet...

Sean Saves The World
What I Said: "SkyLiving, TLC or Comedy Central?"
Was I Right? Nope on all three counts.

What I Said: "Bill Lawrence sold Scrubs and Cougar Town to the UK, so..."
Was I Right? See The Night Shift.

Welcome To The Family
What I Said: "E4, maybe?"
Was I Right? Not at this time.


Back In The Game
What I Said: "Not very high, as softball is not played in this country."
Was I Right? Yep.

What I Said: "Not sure."
Was I Right? Nope, as Channel 5 took it.

The Goldbergs
What I Said: "Comedy Central? E4?"
Was I Right? Not yet.

Killer Women
What I Said: "It could do. Sky, Five's channels, SkyLiving, Watch..."
Was I Right? ...or none of the above.

Lucky 7
What I Said: "Wouldn't bet on it."
Was I Right? Bingo!

Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
What I Said: "Absolutely guaranteed. Only question is who'll get it?"
Was I Right? Definitely - Channel 4 bought it (unsurprisingly, since they've also shown the first two Iron Man movies as well as non-MCU fare like the Alba-era Fantastic Four movies and the X-Men flicks), and it was the first of its class to be scheduled on this side of the Atlantic as well.

Mind Games
What I Said: "Of Christian Slater's three previous series, only My Own Worst Enemy came over. Could go either way."
Was I Right? Indeed, this was more like The Forgotten and Breaking In.

What I Said: "Sounds very E4."
Was I Right? I should get my ears checked.

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland
What I Said: "Given the parent show is a hit for Channel 5, I'd say good (though that doesn't mean it'll actually go to Channel 5 - witness Angel and NCIS: Los Angeles)."
Was I Right? So very not - especially since Channel 5 decided to drop the parent show for no apparent reason. Also, the channel has started showing NCIS: Los Angeles...

What I Said: "Very low, probably (the involvement of Brad Pitt's production company notwithstanding)."
Was I Right? So far, yes.

Super Fun Night
What I Said: "Words like "Comedy" and "Central" seem to fit."
Was I Right? Not enough for a fit, it seems.

Trophy Wife
What I Said: "Hmmmm... TLC? SkyLiving?"
Was I Right? Not at this time.


The Crazy Ones
What I Said: "Pretty good."
Was I Right? Er, no.

Friends With Better Lives
What I Said: "E4 or Comedy Central, maybe?"
Was I Right? It went to Comedy Central.

What I Said: "It might."
Was I Right? More than "might" - it was taken by Channel 4.

What I Said: "Sky One, Syfy or Channel 5?"
Was I Right? It was Sky One.

The Millers
What I Said: "After My Name Is Earl and Raising Hope, possible."
Was I Right? Yep - Comedy Central bought it.

What I Said: "E4? ITV2? Comedy Central? SkyLiving?"
Was I Right? It proved to be ITV2.

What I Said: "Watch? Alibi?"
Was I Right? Another summer series.

We Are Men
What I Said: "Comedy Central?"
Was I Right? Yes.

The CW

The Originals
What I Said: "Extremely good, as the parent show's a hit on ITV2."
Was I Right? While the channel was in the running, it was taken by Syfy.

The Tomorrow People
What I Said: "Pretty good."
Was I Right? It's joined the E4 family.

What I Said: "Not as bad as it might seem."
Was I Right? As it happens, no.

What I Said: "ITV2? Five's channels?"
Was I Right? Try Sky 1.

The 100
What I Said: "Very good."
Was I Right? E4 took it.


Friday, February 07, 2014

The Actual 10 Reasons To Watch Nashville Post.

The Radio Times website has a list of 10 reasons to watch Nashville (the second season of which started on Mofo* last night). Which is all well and good, but the real 10 reasons look like this.

1. Hayden Panettiere.
2. The actress who plays Juliette.
3. Miss Hayden L. Panettiere.
4. Jansen Panettiere's sister.
5. Wladimir Klitschko's fiancée.
6. The cheerleader from Heroes.
7. The voice of Dot in a bug's life.
8. That girl who used to go out with Milo Ventimiglia.
9. Kirby from Scream 4.
10. The cutie pictured here.

Point made, methinks.

*Actually More4, but I like to call it that in honour of Richard Schiff calling it thus in an early promo for the channel. Yes, I am immature like that.