Saturday, April 21, 2007

The right kind of Campbell. As opposed to Naomi.

Me: Erica Campbell.
Jen: Meh. Too pornstary, IMO.
Me: How can a porn star be too pornstary?
Jen: I just don't find that type of shoot to be very alluring
Me: I might not either, if it was a different person. Personally I'd find Erica alluring if she was in a nun's habit.
Me again: Just for that, here's the very opposite of too pornstary.
Kelly Clarkson :-D
Jen: *clicks* *raises eyebrow*
Me: Can't expect them to be on their marks all the time. :-)
Jen: I'm getting the Campbell thread again

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Anonymous said...

Me (6:50:17 AM): How is Erica Campbell too pornstary?
Jen (6:50:41 AM): 1. She's a porn star. 2. She does photo shoots that look like they're done by a porn star.