Sunday, December 30, 2007

The May Your Day Be Filled With Lapdances From Cindy And Hayden Post.

Thanks for that wish, Mr. B. But unfortunately that's only going to happen in my head. Turning 38 means getting toiletries, a sweater, a new shaver and a Thunderbird 2 keyring.

All of which are useful and all of which I'm grateful for, thanks sisters.

But... I kind of which I'd gotten something a little... fun as well. Never mind.

This is nice as well.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The On The Third Day Of Christmas Post.

No snow again in London on December 25 (although it snowed in many parts of the world - and quite possibly Scotland - apparently it doesn't count in the UK if it isn't in London. Like many things). And yet Boxing Day was brighter than the big day itself. Huh?

Apart from unintentionally causing Sharon to get a blister on her right hand when I lit the wrong candle (thus resulting in a lampshade catching fire, and Shaz getting said blister while putting it out - and I am SO, SO SORRY...), our Yuletide went quite well, really. No furious arguments, no overeating (at least, not by me - it's such a relief to not feel stuffed over the holidays), and some great presents given and received. To wit:

Hawaii Five-O seasons one and two on DVD (not that I've had a chance to watch them yet thanks to the sisters' endless - though deserved on the sisters' part - viewings of The King of Queens and Everybody Hates Chris, and can I just say here that Arthur from the former is now very much on that hate list down below? Thank you), an Adidas bath set, the new edition of The Anime Encyclopedia, The Onion: Our Dumb World, new shoes, socks for every day of the week, a Borders £50 gift card, and the answer to what if any calendar to get. (Problem solved, since a Heroes calendar was out of the question due to everyone else and a Keeley Hazell one was too embarrassing.)

And best of all, no work until next Wednesday. (Second best of all was finally getting to kiss Bianca at work goodbye for the holidays. Not as extensively as I'd have liked, but never mind.)

Too bad Butch and myself couldn't finish our project in time, but there's always next year.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Multiple Choice Post.

Drat. Drat drat drat drat DRAT.

Was the above because:

a) I drew the exact same person for Secret Santa at work that I did last year? (Hopefully the similarities won't extend to my not getting anything again.)

b) I still haven't sent my parents Christmas cards?

c) There'll soon (well, in several months) be a mini-Jessica in the most "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?"-generating-from-me celebrity pregnancy since Cindy's second kid?

d) Gossip outlets everywhere reporting about Cindy saying no to any more nude shoots?

You decide.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Retrocrush Should Be And Is Ashamed Post.

"In the years retroCRUSH has been online, Pam Grier, Lisa Bonet, and Nichelle Nichols have been the only black women featured in our retroBABE galleries. I've decided to atone for this egregious oversight by offering you 60 of the most gorgeous black celebrities of the modern and retro eras. Special thanks to the boys in the Something Awful forums for collecting a bunch of these names and inspiring the idea in the first place! Some of them have passed on, and others have their best years behind them, but they're all some of the most gorgeous women to ever walk the earth."

Actually, Robert (Berry, the fellow behind the site), the real egregious oversight is not including the likes of Nastassja Kinski. And Cindy Crawford, obviously.

The 16 Days, Not Shopping Days, Just Days Till Christmas Post.

How to ruin two Fridays off in succession:

1. Have the first one coincide with our BACS payments going in late, leaving me skint until Monday morning. Maybe I should have it in monthly from next year... something to think about.

2. Be under a cloud all day thanks to my still not having gotten even a card for Mum and/or Dad with the postal deadline for the Caribbean being on the 7th. Gah.

Still, it's not all bad news. It's not heavily snowing yet, and I argue a lot less with Sharon than I used to years ago. Hope I'm mellowing out; that wouldn't be a bad thing.

So with the year winding down, I pay more attention to the news than I used to. And it sucks.

I clean my room as much as I used to (i.e. very rarely). And that sucks as well.


Sunday, December 02, 2007

The It's Britney's Birthday, B*tch Post.

Since Tom didn't post it (he's the one who goes by InThe313), I'll do it.

Happy birthday, Britney Spears. No matter what, some of us will never give up on you. I'll even make sure to buy Blackout.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

The My Favourite Month Post.

April is the cruellest month, but December is my favourite. It means the end of another year, and Christmas - a time of peace (well, it should be), and when we see our successful sister Zeta. Or rather when I see her; Shaz is in Malta seeing her now. Add to this next Friday being a non-work day and I should be okay now.

Except that I'm on tenterhooks wondering if my wages are in. And that put a damper on my day off. Even more than the rain...
Enjoy, and see you later.