Saturday, April 14, 2007

Geekiness time again.

I loved this movie, and I love the music (one of Alan Silvestri's finest efforts, and garnering him his only Oscar nomination to date - too bad it was The Lion King's year). This music is on the song 2-CD set as "Forrest Gump Suite" (made up of the short main title ("I'm Forrest... Forrest Gump") with the floating feather, which I admit amazed me to find out that was an ILM job, and the end credits music ("Suite from Forrest Gump") bringing together all the themes from the film instead of going for one of the countless period songs throughout). The rest of it after the long piece heard (ending around 8:47) is selected cuts from the CD along with piano renditions.

Silvestri again, this time with his theme for Maid In Manhattan. I've avoided the movie, but this is very pleasant (in the Romancing the Stone line but more Latin). And so Jen'll listen, the YouTube video has Lopez up the wazoo.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE Forrest Gump.

It just got so fucking irritating how he'd narrate something that a character would then proceed to say.