Monday, January 31, 2005


I need to get spurred to move away from Sharon; a good person, yes. A thoughtful person, yes. But why does she react to every little thing like it's the end of the world? And I can't really bring myself to say "For fuck's sake woman stop overreacting!" for what should be obvious reasons. Namely that she takes care of me.

I need to get spurred to post more often (what's Butch got that Jennifer, MuffinMan and myself don't? Oh yeah, a life).

Thursday, January 13, 2005

These four things blah blah blah...

1. If Elektra does well, Halle Berry will never want to be in the same room as Jennifer Garner.

2. Peta Wilson fans really need to get the fuck over it and stop bitching about Jenny.

3. The first five minutes left me looking forward to it even more.

4. Jennifer Garner's butt is a gift from the heavens.

Don't go, Cindy!

By the way, belated thanks to Butch for borrowing my award idea...

The sight of Cindy Crawford on and in UK Vogue... suddenly it's like she's never been away. Which is technically true - she just hasn't been so visible in years.

If we're very lucky this'll be a harbinger of things to come this year. It's already gotten off to a good start - the see-through ones and that one of her in a black minidress not only confirm (as if any proof was needed) her MILF status and her stance as one of the all-time classic models, but also pretty much blow away many younger models and give those who don't look sick in comparison something to live up to. More please, Cindy! And bless you...

Saturday, January 08, 2005

What have I listened to lately...?

The first thing I bought for the year was an album of music from Four Star TV shows - before your time and mine, I know. A whole load of terrific TV themes; too bad it'll most likely never be put on CD (reissues of albums that only run 22 minutes ain't viable).

Ladies update...

MuffinMan very kindly let me have Eva Longoria - Desperate Housewives arrived in the UK this week, and didn't exactly bomb - so maybe I should change the list.

Then again, maybe not.

Whither Hater?

He's been MIA for a while now, and these Zoos are really piling up now!

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Okay, so it's a New Year. So?

I saw in 2005 the only way I could - fast asleep.

"Auld Lang Syne" my foot - a better song to sing would be "Won't Get Fooled Again" (until film music enemy Jerry Bruckheimer hijacked it for CSI: Miami, anyway). It should be a brand new year, a chance to start over... yeah, right. People will still die in mass amounts, work will still be crappy, and I'll still be waiting to get time off work (some of which will have to go to trekking up to Edgware to give blood to be examined, dammit). And all those stupid fireworks being let off all over the place...

So what do I do? Wish 'em all a happy New Year and wait for December to roll around. Again.