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Cindy Inc. work in progress...

Just to keep Mike happy for a moment - the newest story in the series, or some of it, as a joint effort between Brandon and myself. Enjoy.

* * * * * * * * * *

This was a position Cindy Crawford wasn’t used to being in. She was one of the most famous supermodels in the world and the woman in charge of Cindy Inc., but here she was tied to a bed, naked. And it wasn't like she was going to be paid for it either - not if the woman with her had anything to do with it.

"I’ve loved this week with you as my slave, Cindy," Lesley Panettiere giggled as she took Cindy’s nipple into her mouth. Cindy would have moaned but she had a ball gag in her mouth so all she could do was... well, moan.

Standing by the door watching over the action was Lesley's daughter. Hayden was dressed in a very skimpy maid outfit, a short skirt that barely covered her crotch and 4 inch heels; she held a duster in her hand, and the sleeveless top accentuated her tits - which was what Hayden really loved about the outfit.

Hayden leaned against the doorframe and sighed as the show got underway...

* * * * * * * * * *

Several Weeks Earlier...

"Lesley!" Cindy said with excitement in her voice as Lesley Panettiere hugged her and kissed her before they walked into the supermodel's living room. "Haven't heard from you for a while! Welcome to my humble home... sit yourself down," she added, pouring the drinks - tea for Lesley, something stronger for herself. Cindy wasn't a tea drinker and neither was Rande, but Lesley had been one of her hottie scouts (as Katharine McPhee called them) for a while now and she'd been good at it; keeping all options for guests was good policy.

"So how have things been with you?" Lesley asked as she sat opposite Cindy.

"Things suck. I had to fire my last maid," Cindy said as she sipped her wine.

"Why?" Lesley asked as she sipped her tea.

"The bitch was talking to the tabloids; I lost one of my most loyal customers because of her." As Cindy swallowed the rest of her wine, Lesley nodded and sipped her tea as she went deep into thought for a moment.

"You know," said Lesley finally, "I’ve got someone who's been looking for a way into Cindy Inc. She really wants in, maybe this could be good. She'd be a good fit AND she'll keep her mouth shut."

"A dream come true. Who is it?" asked Cindy.

Lesley smirked. "Hayden."

Cindy looked at her stunned. "Hayden? As in your daughter Hayden?"

"Yep. Hayden has wanted this for a long time; I figure this is a good way in for her."

"Well, tell me more," Cindy said, a smile returning to her face. When the parents knew and approved it was always a lot easier; had been a nightmare...

"Cindy, you know the deal. I don’t talk business unless I have a girl between my legs," Lesley said, finishing her tea.

"Okay, I’ll get a couple of newbies and I'll see you back here tomorrow."

"No problem," Lesley said as Cindy escorted her to the door.

* * * * * * * * * *

"So tell me more about Hayden, Les," said Cindy the next day.

"Business first, Cin," Lesley replied, smiling as they entered the living room, and smiling even wider when she saw who was waiting for her. Sitting on the couch was America Ferrera, wearing a purple form fitting lycra dress showing generous amounts of cleavage and a million dollar smile; sitting with her was Vanessa Hudgens, wearing a black collar around her neck, a red lace halter top, a barely legal skirt, and 4 inch heels.

"Right on time," Cindy smiled.

"Just what I was going to say," America laughed. She could afford to be a bit cheeky, because more than a few customers had come to Cindy Inc. due to her; some of them even banged her without wanting her to wear the glasses and braces.

"Take your pick," Cindy said as Lesley stared at the two newest members. Vanessa gave Lesley an inviting smile in return and adjusted her skirt a little to show a touch more leg, just to encourage her.

“I’ll take America, since I brought her to you.” Lesley said as she lifted up her skirt, sat down and allowed a contented America to crawl between her legs for another dose of what she'd had the night of her initiation; Cindy didn't have a skirt on, but Vanessa didn't have a problem with caressing the madame's trouser-clad legs before undoing her pants and letting them slide to the floor. Soon Vanessa had joined America in going between a pair of female legs and begun licking eagerly; Lesley leaned her head back and moaned from America's tonguework, as did Cindy from Vanessa's. Rande could have Ashley Tisdale; discerning minds knew who the real High School Musical babe was.

Cindy carefully sat on the girl's face and felt Vanessa's tongue moving sensuously over her inner thighs; her eyes then rolled back and she shuddered hard as Vanessa's tongue moved down her pussy lips. "Aaaahhh!" she sighed, clutching the girl's shoulders and feeling her body moving between her legs. Cindy’s own beautiful body jerked as Vanessa’s tongue moved up and down her pussy with her hands on her sexy thighs, starting to buzz her with joy.

Lesley leaned back in her chair, panting from America's mouth gobbling; she loved what this young beauty was doing to her so much. As Cindy moaned out loud alongside her from the relentless attack of Vanessa’s tongue on her pussy, she shivered hard; holding Vanessa harder, she let out a yell and was soon followed by Lesley, as both older women came all over the faces of their younger counterparts, moistening the chairs with their sweat and stroking the heads of their lovers. America raised her head from between Lesley's legs, kissing the woman's leg one last time. "Always worth it, Miss P," she smiled. "Always."

"Same here," Vanessa sighed, giving Cindy's pussy a final lick. "See you a little later, miss?"

"Count on it," Cindy replied with a wink as Vanessa got up, leaving the room with America.

Watching the young women leave, Lesley composed herself while Cindy let out a sigh of relief. "Wow, she’s good," the brunette said while she pulled herself together.

"I know, I found her too," Lesley grinned.

"So tell me about Hayden," Cindy said as she finally sat up straight, pulling her trousers back up.

"Well," Lesley started while she put her skirt on, "ever since she turned 16 and found out what's going on here she's been wanting to join Cindy Inc. - "

"Does she know I have an age limit?" Cindy interrupted. "If this was France it would be one thing, but - "

"Let me finish," Lesley interrupted in turn. "I told her about how you have to be 18 around here and she said she’d do anything just to be here, to be around this job. She wants to be a hooker for you, Cindy." Lesley took a drag of her cigarette, glad that the non-smoking supermodel hadn't forbidden her.

"Well..." Cindy paused, thinking it over. "...it's flattering that she didn't go for J-Lo, so that's a point in her favour."

"Thought it might," Lesley laughed.

"And I could use a new maid around here... one who won't yak to the press."

"Hayden's heard about what the place is like - she won't say a word. She really wants to be a Crawford whore."

"Tactful," Cindy replied. "Have a word with her, and we'll work around her schedule; I know she has filming and all - she's in like every episode of Heroes so far and she's got other things to do..."

"She's got energy to burn - we can work it out," said Lesley as she finished off her cigarette. Just as she stubbed it out, the door opened and in came America Ferrera and Vanessa Hudgens, both nude this time; Cindy and Lesley shook hands with congratulatory grins and sat back as America and Vanessa lay down on the couch opposite the two women.

"Told you we'd see you a little later," Vanessa laughed as she French kissed America, as a prelude to their pre-work fucking.

Cindy and Lesley just sat there, watching and moistening.

* * * * * * * * * *

"What, I’m gonna be her maid? I thought I was going to be an employee," Hayden protested when Lesley told her later the same day.

"You will be an employee. Just not an employee of Cindy Inc.," her mum told her. "Not yet, anyway."
Hayden was a veteran actress at 17; she was used to disappointment. But she'd wanted this more than she'd wanted any role so far, and to be told she'd have to wait another year at least before she could move from teasing the guys to pleasing them (and she knew she could do it - it wasn't like she was a virgin)...

"Oh, what the hey," she said out loud with a shrug. "It's not like she banned me. An in is an in, right? And when I finally do turn 18 look out world, here I come!"

Lesley laughed and continued, ignoring her daughter’s impatience to grow up. "You’ll only be going over there on weekends because of your schedule."

"I know. Man, I can't wait for the weekend... I met Cindy at the Motorola party last year; my goodness, she is GORGEOUS!" Hayden squealed, getting giddier by the second.

"Basically, Cindy has some of the younger employees meet and greet customers," Lesley explained. "That's part of your job - you're also going to be working as Cindy's personal maid. You'll have to do whatever she tells you..."

"Good practice for when I'm on staff," Hayden laughed.

Rolling her eyes, Lesley continued. "She gave me your maid outfit, it’s up in your room." That was as far as she got before Hayden raced upstairs like a five-year-old on Christmas morning, bolted through her door and found the outfit lying on her bed. She picked it up and hugged it tightly. It looked like a perfect fit too...

"You’re going to look SO hot in that."

Hayden turned around to see Vanessa Hudgens sitting on a chair in the corner of her room. The excited blonde hugged Vanessa and began jumping up and down. "YAY!!! I’m going to be working with you!" Hayden yelled, almost cumming in her excitement; then she gasped as Vanessa didn't reply, instead pushing her on her bed and crawling onto her. Hayden quickly pulled her shirt up, glad that she hadn't put a bra on this morning.

Vanessa cupped Hayden’s small but beautiful breasts and ran her hands over her nipples as the blonde pushed down her pants and panties and flung them away. Soon Vanessa slid down Hayden’s body and flicked her tongue deftly over Hayden’s clit, making the girl moan and shake on the bed. Her tiny body bucked up and down from Vanessa’s skilled tongue, and the darker girl sensually moved back up and kissed Hayden as she rubbed her clit excitedly. Moving her own hands down Vanessa's lovely body to stroke her damp cunt, Hayden’s back arched at Vanessa's touch and she moaned loud enough for her mom to hear what was going on downstairs.

Vanessa licked her fingers as Hayden came all over them, gasping and crying with delight. "Tasty," Vanessa said, her cute smile never leaving her face.

"Yeah, but now it’s my turn," Hayden replied as she pushed Vanessa on to her back. Both girls giggled at that as Hayden kissed Vanessa, who moved her hands up to Hayden’s tits again and played with them while Hayden continued to make out with her. "I'm kinda jealous..."

"How come?" Vanessa asked as she kissed each of Hayden's tits.

"Yours are bigger than mine," Hayden pouted, stroking Vanessa's set before she started to move her kisses down her friend and lover's body, stopping just above Vanessa’s pussy. Flattered by the comparison, Vanessa moaned as she knew Hayden was teasing her. Hayden smirked as she saw Vanessa’s eyes closed and her back slightly arching. She slipped her lips over Vanessa’s clit and began sucking harder, making Vanessa’s moans reach the same levels as Hayden’s. It wasn't long before Hayden had made her fellow sexy teenager do just what she wanted... Vanessa Hudgens screamed even louder than Hayden as she came over her friend's mouth.

Hayden then flopped back on to her bed and sighed. "I think I’m gonna like this job," she said as Vanessa started laughing.

In the room underneath, Lesley nodded. She had heard everything, and that had been the first thought that entered her head when she heard her daughter's wails of delight.

* * * * * * * * * *

Cindy Inc. was always busy, but Saturday night was always the busiest night of the week; Hayden had lost track of the number of men and women she'd welcomed on this, her first night. And though some had tried to check her out, none of them had tried to grab her ass or something while she showed them in. Not that she'd have complained; it had been her idea to wear the French maid's outfit here.

The door opened to let in the latest customer; Hayden had seen some mighty famous folks in amongst all the people coming to get celebrity poontang tonight, but she hadn't expected to see this man entering. "Welcome to Cindy Inc," the teenager bubbled as she approached him, her hand out.

"Hello there, are you available for fun too?" David Beckham asked, shaking her hand. Hayden merely smiled and shook her head. "Just come this way, sir - we'll see who's available..."

Once he was through the foyer and getting given the tour of who was up for poking, Hayden let her jaw drop. "What is he doing here?" she asked herself quietly. "Posh doesn't work here!"

Then she remembered what Mrs. Beckham's body was like, shrugged, and went back to being the welcome wagon...

Some hours later, Hayden had been relieved by Cat Deeley for the midnight-5am run, and she was free to do the other half of her job; actual cleaning. As Cindy's own personal maid, she had to do Cindy's own boudoir (the only bedroom on the premises that was *only* for one of the ladies), and even though the boss hadn't been with customers this evening it still had to be ready, so Hayden was busy with the dusting and polishing and bedmaking. She wasn't as busy as she should have been, however; coming from the room directly next to the boudoir were sounds that kept drawing her mind from the dusting. It was hard to concentrate on getting beds clean when you had a woman repeatedly screaming "FUCK ME YOU STUD! FUCK ME!!!" Especially when the woman sounded familiar, but Hayden just couldn't place the voice...

The moaning sent a shiver through Hayden’s young body; she set down the cleaning products she was carrying and sat in one of the boudoir's plush chairs. Lifting up the skirt of her maid outfit, she began rubbing herself; as per Cindy’s instructions she wasn’t wearing anything under it (and had gotten more than a few pats - and tips - as a result). As Hayden listened to the couple next door and fondled her little pubescent clit, an image came to her mind...

Spread out on her bed wearing the skimpiest of her negligees, Cindy ran her hands through Hayden’s hair as she rapidly licked her out. All of a sudden she felt the skirt of her maid outfit go up and an intrusion into her pussy; it was Rande, just as he'd promised. Rande pumped in and out of Hayden as she continued to lick away at Cindy, her moans muffled by the fact that Cindy’s legs were wrapped around Hayden’s head. Rande pumped faster and faster until...

Forgetting all about the business next door, Hayden quaked and moaned as she came all over the chair she was sitting on. She sat there for a moment to catch her breath, thinking over the idea of herself being used by her employer and her employer’s husband. And Vanessa had told her that EVERYONE who worked for Cindy Inc. had to be used by the boss sooner or later.

Hayden went all giddy at the prospect before she remembered where she was at that point in time; she straightened out her outfit and went back to work. If she didn't do her job, she wouldn't be at Cindy Inc. for much longer anyway...

* * * * * * * * * *

Even before Heroes had launched, the Cindy Inc. website forums had had people - mainly teenage boys who shouldn't have had access and grown men who should have known better - enquiring about little Hayden, to which Cindy and/or the webmasters invariably pointed out that there was such a thing as statutory rape and could they please stop asking about her until she had the decency to grow actual breasts. Damn the Disney Channel and damn her being wise beyond her years (sometimes), Cindy thought as she sucked off her latest satisfied customer. The dick was swollen and dripping cum into her mouth - she really didn't want to swallow anything from this guy; tasted like medicine, and not the sweet kind either.

As the customer's cock started to jerk wildly inside her mouth, Cindy slid her head back and waited for him to grab his prick and thrust as many times as he needed to finish the job; getting a facial wasn't the best way to end a night, but sometimes you just wanted something simple. Cindy managed to summon a smile as the man pulled on his prick just twice before the stream shot out, a white geyser that splattered Cindy's lovely face. "Mmmmm!" she lied, licking a little off.

"You really like it?" the man asked in delight. "Most women I'm with hate to taste it."

"I've had worse," Cindy smiled at him as she got up. (It was true, but like Johnny Cash's boy named Sue, she really couldn't remember when.) "You're still on the clock," she continued as she stroked his chest, "so... you wanna go for something else?"

"I only paid for the head and the bukkake," the man said. "But if I paid extra maybe I could get you and that blonde from Heroes..."

Cindy mentally rolled her eyes.

"...the one with the black son, I can't remember her name..."

"Ah," said Cindy, wondering how to tell him that Ali Larter was at J-Lo's. Asking for Hayden would have been easier.

* * * * * * * * * *

Through Lesley, Cindy had arranged for Hayden to spend every other Saturday working at her own house in addition to being at the brothel. On the one hand, there was less cleaning to do (not so much... stuff... on the sheets, for a start). On the other hand, if Presley and Kaia were there in the mornings to meet friends there or something, it wasn't out of the question for Hayden to bring them something to make the wait a little easier. Like the first Saturday she was at chez Crawford, for instance.

Presley was conducting tactical videogame warfare in the living room, but his enemy was older, wiser and doing a better job. Back and forth they fought, racking up hard-won points and filling the room with explosions of their own to go with the computer-created and marginally louder chaos on screen, until finally... "YES!!!! Once again I am the undefeated champion!!!" Presley's friend crowed, dancing in contemptuous glee in front of Cindy's sulky firstborn.

"You got lucky."

"I've been lucky each time we play, Pres. Face it, I rock!"

"One more game before Andy comes?" Presley begged. Even if he had been willing to do one more game before his big brother Andy came to pick them up, the BF was kept from answering by Cindy showing Andy in.

"...and he's been no trouble at all; he can stay over any time he likes," she finished. "How'd it go, guys?"

"Same as ever, Mrs. C," the BF grinned as Presley gave him the finger.

"Presley, I warned you. And don't worry, it'll happen sometime. Got time for a drink before the game?"

"Sure thing," Andy said amiably, sitting down.

"Right back," Cindy smiled and exited, as Presley and the BF started another round, Andy secretly cross that he wasn't playing. Soon it was more digital mayhem a go-go, with Andy encouraging Presley while hoping the kid brother whipped him. They were so enthralled that they almost didn't hear the door open, but they did notice the whiff of perfume in the air as the visitor approached.

"Here you go, fellas," Hayden said brightly, setting down their drinks on the table.

As he reached for the drink, Andy's hand froze. Presley's bid to deal a rare death-blow to his opponent missed. His opponent suddenly fumbled. All three of them stared right at the lovely blonde as she beamed at them in her maid's outfit. "Can I get you anything else?" she asked, smoothing the hem of her dress.

"Your phone number," Presley's friend managed to say.

"Maybe next time," Hayden smiled. "But you might just get lucky... actually, can I ask you a favour? This is my first day here and I... this is kind of embarrassing to ask, but I really need to know... is there a bathroom upstairs?"

Presley just nodded - he was too busy wondering what those feelings in his groin were.

"Thanks. See you later, and if you need anything else..." Hayden headed upstairs, sure that all three boys were following her with their eyes and hoping to get a look up her maid's dress, especially since Cindy's rules about underwear applied here as well. She was right on both counts.
The boys' mouths dropped open as one, and the "GAME OVER" sign was right on the money. In Hayden's quest for their hearts, it was game over...

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