Sunday, March 19, 2006

Will the circle ever be unbroken?

You are the leader of the free world. You are consistently scoring low in opinion polls because of your actions. You have consistently managed to fuck up just about everything you've set out to do in your job. Even many people around you are doubting you. Do you

a) Cock an ear towards people pointing out your many, many drawbacks and try to do something about it?


b) Set in motion more of the same stuff that resulted in the loss of faith and the low ratings in the first place?

If you said b), I never want to hear from you again.

What is it going to TAKE...? (And peace rallys are not the answer; you'd think the organisers of such things would have noticed by now as well.)

Update tomorrow, when I hopefully feel better.


The Archivist said...

If I were this leader, the correct answer would be A.

Something tells me - assuming this question was brought on by RL events and therefore is about the RL leader of the free world - the answer is B.

Which is a bad thing.

San Nakji said...

A well aimed bullet to the head