Sunday, March 12, 2006

The countdown begins...

The Cunts' Corner section at Holy Moly! includes American foreign policy, Big Issue sellers, the Evening Standard, Nicole Richie ("Anyone who fancies her should be immediately placed on the sex offenders register. The spindly spoilt bitch looks and acts like a seven year old girl with attention deficit disorder. Bony cunt"), the Sugababes, golf, NTL, Steve Wright in the Afternoon and others. Some I don't agree with, others I certainly do - like all the ones I just mentioned (yours truly actually submitted one of them). Sadly, by the end of this year I may well have to metaphorically include Victoria. But I don't want to.
Victoria, for anyone reading this who doesn't know, is the main woman at CSSA and a woman who lives by the credo "He who pays the piper calls the tune." And even after getting stripped of my Mod powers for a while for mentioning Stargazerz (Victoria, unlike the BBC, really does object to advertising other places), I didn't have a problem with her way of doing things.
Until now.

You see, she's suggested we get some new avatars, and asked us to IM her some choices and links to pictures, and she told us to tell us who they were since she wouldn't know. Now I admit I rather foolishly assumed that since my own favourite choice was fairly common knowledge on the boards she'd have a basic idea, so when I sent her three picture links I simply ID'd her as "guess who," so I do take the blame for not telling her. But not for Miss I'm Too Lazy To Spend Like What, Ten Seconds C&P-ing A Link To See One Of The Most Famous Models In The Damn World And Get The Message getting all pissy and closing the door to all further submissions. Not just mine (I could understand if it was just mine), but all of them after Dr. B's.
I guess it's different when it happens to you. It always is. I know Victoria's notoriously inflexible rule-wise, I haven't really been punished (I'm not banned or anything) and I really hoped that this wouldn't still irritate me after a good night's sleep... but it does. This is just too petty to go away, even for her. I've been bothered by other things about the site - from her failure to understand the concept of the term "quality control" in general and with Andrew Troy Keller in particular (not putting any more of his stories is not blocking freedom of speech; it's preventing any more of his crap from being seen. That's the same [and the number one] reason TV shows get cancelled, books are rejected, films get scrapped and so on... because they're awful and most people aren't interested. In the old days of the site I even sent in one which didn't get put up, and they were right not to do it because it wasn't very good...), to blocks on author criticism, to the fact that some of the regular members are dickheads (though the last one is a matter of personal taste, I'll admit... but Dr. Blasphemy and The Fan should not expect Christmas cards from me any time soon). But getting in-your-face confirmation about the bone up Victoria's ass; this is going to hang over me every time I go to the site. I've experienced similar unfounded petty dictatorship at work, and I don't need to get it at leisure.

And that's why come the end of the year, or come the end of The Longest Weekend and the Cindy Inc. series (whichever comes first), or unless Victoria lightens up... or unless I get convinced otherwise... I'm going to leave CSSA. I can't blame Jen for parting company now; at least Miss Orangio has a working sense of humour.

In fairness, HolyMoly also has a Sacred Cows section (included so far: the Internet, Rachel Weisz, Calvin and Hobbes, Alan Moore, Bill Hicks, Meg White, James Garner, whoever came up with the Sheila's Wheels advertisements, Silvio Berlusconi, Kerry Katona's breasts, money, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Jessica Alba). Link to it in the title.

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The Archivist said...

I see your reasoning and it'll be sad to see you leave CSSA.

All good things come to an end, it appears.