Monday, March 27, 2006

Esther Esther Bo Besther.../Hypothetical question.

Cheers to Butch for enlightening me as to who Esther Baxter is. Yum.
One problem: just as Sharon Stone would be off limits for me even if she wasn't a repellent hag on account of her sharing a first name with my big sister, so Esther has the same first name as a short, fat, often grating African woman who works with me. I can see much mental blocking in the future.

And a hypothetical question: If, when discussing viewing habits with an older sister who's a very good person but a bit on the tasteless side, the subject of Prison Break comes up... and said sister says she suspects I watch it because that woman from Gilmore girls is in it as Veronica... and thus professes ignorance about two (very good) shows for the price of one... should I whack her in the face with a plate and storm out in a way other than mentally? Thought so.
This is why I'm glad I won't be living here permanently. Good person, but it would be like InThe313 rooming with Bill O'Reilly. But not so extreme.

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The Archivist said...

Gee, Esther is still being annoying? Not sure what you can do in that situation, man.

As for what you should do... well, how about explaining why you write it as Gilmore girls when according to my sources, both words are capitalised?