Saturday, March 04, 2006

Weekend update time again.

Cindy: Paid for a whole load of albums.
Vanessa: Realised too late that I already had one of them (Godzilla 2000)... damn duplication again! Fingers crossed for an exchange.
Cindy: Long holiday weekend for me, thanks to the Oscars. (And remember, Alba's a presenter. Go Johnny (Williams), go!)
Vanessa: Increased workload before said weekend thanks to departures from DMWorks. Damn.
Cindy: Charmed is now definitely due for the stereo cabinet. This qualifies as a Cindy because of what this season's been like thus far, for the most part. Kaley Cuoco notwithstanding.
Vanessa: James Blunt topping the charts in the US. James Fucking Blunt. How?! WHY??!?
Cindy: Still, at least it ain't Robbie Williams.

Vanessa: None of my eBay stuff has arrived yet.
Cindy: "Hey you guys!!!"

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The Archivist said...

Seems like this week, everything balanced out.