Sunday, March 12, 2006

Weekend again.

Cindy: All the CDs I paid for arrived, meaning plenty of listening. (More of that anon.)
Vanessa: Having to rearrange the bedsit slightly so Jim can put a new electric meter in. That was a week ago, and it still isn't done.
Cindy: Being shown the type of computer I'll be inheriting from work once the new machines are in. A step closer to being back online longer!
Vanessa: Victoria. (More of that anon as well.)
Cindy: Cindy. Specifically picking up several images of her in various magazines. Seeing them online is all very well, but having them in your hands... :)
Vanessa: Having to search for a few more still.

Cindy: Finally deciding to stop with 'Hater's mags. If you're reading this, when a huge Royal Mail box arrives from me cherish them, because that's it...
Vanessa: Everyone picking on Jessica Alba at the Oscars, especially the "that's as close as she'll ever get to one" crowd - close than most of you'll ever get.

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The Archivist said...

I thought you were supposed to inherit this computer months ago... what gives?