Friday, March 24, 2006

Early Weekend Update, but why not?

Cindy: Josie Maran, who I've forgiven for making Van Helsing, is pregnant.
Vanessa: You'd think that would encourage our friend on Drury Lane to update. I guess not.
Cindy: Boxing well underway for the move, so less rushing on the day.
Vanessa: Boxes blocking the view of the TV, the path of the remote...
Cindy: Ennio Morricone coming to London during my week off.
Vanessa: That liveaction Simpsons opener is going to be on Fox. Still, at least they didn't make their own.
Cindy: Told Dad about the move.
Vanessa: As I told Sharon when she asked, he didn't actually offer to help. (Yet.)
Cindy: Payday!
Vanessa: Most of which... well, all of which... still has to go to the damn rent. At least it's the last time.

Cindy: Work in progress coming to this 'ere blog soon.
Vanessa: Paris Hilton in cartoon form. Why? (Insert "what's the difference?" joke here.)
Cindy: Elaine Quijano. Jessica's sister?

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The Archivist said...

Maran is pregnant? Where are the naked pregnancy pics?!

Yay for Work in progress!!