Monday, March 20, 2006

It's hard out here for a fan/Monday Update

This was originally going to be a mere Vanessa but I decided it's worth a little more ranting. Anyhoo...

Thanks to What Would Tyler Durden Do? I got to hear Kanye West's end credit song for Mission: Impossible III. Apparently he came on board at the behest of that well-known bundle of comic joy Tom Cruise, and just as the first two movies brought them to a definite and possible damb-squib of an end courtesy of The Other Two From U2 and Limp Nizkit (I can't speak for sure for the second one because I refused to go and see it after the non-lubricated sodomy that was the first one). You can hear it here, and read some of the comments from people after their ears stopped bleeding here. Fortunately Lalo Schifrin is alive and therefore incapable of turning in his grave. I can only hope we get separate song/score CDs like the first two so I won't have to worry about hearing this lame-ass bollocks again. Ever.
This is the kind of stuff I've had to live with for years... albums filled with songs hardly in the damn movie while the score gets shafted, though it's been getting better of late. Still not ideal though - still have to put up with that kind of crap. Were there any commercial tack-ons on the original show? Hell, no. Thank goodness Cruise doesn't have musical say over his Spielberg films. And thank goodness for time elapsing - my copy of the Ghostbusters album is winging its way across the Atlantic as I write (and since it's through the US Mail as opposed to Royal Mail, it'll probably get here by the time I finish typing this). This one is from Varese Sarabande and won't ever be confused with the regular release - all Elmer Bernstein, no Ray Parker Jr.

Which brings us to the whole C vs. V thing.

Cindy: Several very kind colleagues (esp. Anna) and relatives' (especially Sharon and Joy - sister and aunt respectively) support for the big move.
Vanessa: Still having to pay the last month's rent.

Cindy: Getting some of the deposit back should I leave before the 14th (I'm going over to Sharon's on the 11th).
Vanessa: Still having to sort things out with ntl for disconnecting the cable. I hate those fuckers.
Cindy: Charmed Catch-up this weekend! Yay!
Vanessa: Still haven't bought my mum's birthday present yet.
Cindy: Washed my hair. As you can tell, I'm grasping at straws.
Vanessa: Change in leaving-for-work habits come April 12 - probably walking up to the 142 route, which is a lot farther than I'm used to (the first bus outside Sharon's flat arrives at 6:30, and I like to leave earlier than that).
Cindy: Last albums bought while still at the old place en route! (And not a song album in the bunch, mes cheries.)
Vanessa: Pink. For many reasons, but specifically "Stupid Girls." Whooo, slagging off Paris Hilton and Britney Spears (and leave the woman alone already, press packs)! So fucking BRAVE and CONTROVERSIAL! How about attacking Islam or recording a song called "I Love Donald Rumsfeld," Miss Moore?
Cindy: The Commonwealth Games, preempting Medium and giving me a shot at taping summat else tomorrow.
Vanessa: It's time for me to go...

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The Archivist said...

I think it's Limp Bizkit.

If Lalo's alive, I damn well hope he's out there cursing his head off.

I hope those albums get to you before you leave.

As for the Commonwealth Games, will we be treated to your opinion on them?