Friday, July 08, 2005

What a difference a few hours makes.

Yesterday, I was wishing that they would give all the shouting and triumphalism about the games a rest. Today I got my wish. Just not in the way I wanted.

I work up in North London, and leave for work very early, so I was well out of the danger zone; but it's still not something you want to think about, because you still know that the danger's there. True, as one talk radio host said, it could have been far worse (witness the Bali bombings, the Madrid attacks and the September 11 horror), but it could also have been far better... like not happening at all.

I don't like London, but I don't hate the place this much. Not at all. I'm just thankful that Sharon isn't here now, and that my family and friends in general are okay. (And if Jennifer, KS and Evil from CSSA are reading this, thanks to you guys in particular. At the risk of sounding corny, thank you for being friends.)

I hope they get the things responsible (people who do stuff like this aren't "people").


MuffinMan said...

My heart goes to those affected by this barbaric act, and I am breathing a deep sigh of relief that you and your loved ones were not directly affected (your well-being was on my mind the whole day)...

JERKJ said...

Glad you're alright. Lots of prayers going your way. Pray for peace.

The Archivist said...

Thank god.

Friends look out for each other, man.