Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Cindy Spot: "The Secret Of My Success"

From the late Suzy Parker in the '60s (The Twilight Zone's"Number 12 Looks Just Like You") to Gisele Bundchen in the Taxi remake, it's hard to name a supermodel (or a famous model, not always the same thing) who hasn't appeared in a fictional context by the light of cathode tube or projector ray. And Cindy Crawford's been no exception; though Fair Game was her official and much-maligned movie debut (more of that next week), this wasn't the first time she was on screen. For that, we need to turn the clock back to 1987.

The Secret Of My Success was another example of how good Michael J. Fox is at comedy (or should that be was, as his sad illness meant he's had to put the acting on the backburner), it put Helen Slater in a tolerable movie after Supergirl, and it made a lot of money for Universal, but that's not what matters here. What matters is the opening credits; as Night Ranger perform the title song while we cut between our hero's parents, a montage of New York City sights and his settling in to his new digs, we see four models strutting outside. In a quick-cut, each one in turn turns her head to the side, you hit the freeze-frame at just the right moment and...

YES! There she is. The third girl of the four is none other than the then 20-year-old Cynthia Ann Crawford, mole and all... and best of all, she appeared in a movie better than ones she was asked to appear and actually have dialogue in (like Beverly Hills Cop II).

It's also better than Bodyguards. More of THAT next week as well.

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The Archivist said...

Let me get this straight.

Cindy appeared for an indeterminate length of time at the beginning of this movie and from what I'm extrapolating, never again in the movie.

You spent time actually determining this?

Welcome to the club, man. Enjoy your stay.