Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Enough with the terminology already.

There's some kind of determination to get what happened in London last week dubbed 7/7.

7/7. Another bid to try and tie this in with the World Trade Center attacks (and the attempt to bomb the Pentagon, let's not forget), and an unjustified one.

Leaving aside the fact that attempts to get people to call it 11/9 as opposed to 9/11 are doomed to failure - and completely fucking pointless, as well as the ultimate in thoughtless pedantry - the London bombings are closer both geographically and in terms of circumstance to the Madrid attacks of March last year. But did you find anyone determined to call them "3/11" (or "11/3," as it were)? And what about the Bali attack? No one calls that 10/12 or 12/10, do they?

And yet they still drag out the whole "Oh it's just another bombing, we're the most resilient and greatest people in the entire world, we'll bounce back, we won't let them get us etc etc" line. You can't have it both ways, you know.

It's hard not to think that some people are trying to force a connection beyond the (possible) motives for the attacks; and it sickens me that even after an appalling thing like this, some folks are still trying to turn it into a race with the US. Give it a fucking rest, or people will start thinking London deserves things like this, just as folks thought New York deserved what happened. Except, of course, that we in London never deserve such stuff. We never do. It's always someone else, right?

It's not just the US that's insular, remember.

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The Archivist said...

That's PED-an-tree. ;-)

You raise some good points. This bears thinking about.