Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Somebody stop him.

In my position as a man with no life whatsoever, I have to get irritated over little things from my constant problems with ntl (thank you so much for screwing up again this week, people) to a London 2012 Olympics bid that could only be less subtle and more obnoxious by having Bob Geldof make a film in which he shouts "Give us the fockin' Olympics!"

Speaking of irritations, going searching for a way to get the point across to celebrity erotica writer Andrew Troy Keller that he... um... he... well, Jennifer's reaction on reading some of his work sums it up ("Dear God. And again: DEAR GOD!")... I found more proof of his tireless activity, no suggestion whatsoever that the man is capable of accepting criticism (who does he think he is, one of the Wachowski Brothers?), and a fansite.

A fansite.

An ironic fansite, it would appear, but a fansite nonetheless.



The Archivist said...

Um... is there a problem with his works? If not, why does Jennifer say: "Dear God. And again: DEAR GOD!" upon reading some of his works?

He can't take criticism? Sounds like my brother.

The Archivist said...

It seems that the film ploy worked, as London now apparently have the Olympics.

Cindylover1969 said...

Don't get me started. Just don't get me started...