Thursday, July 28, 2005

I am not now, nor have I ever been, a busman.

I'm supposed to be on a two week holiday, you know. And yet some of that holiday was spent over at Ashurst doing some data inputting. Not all of it, just some hours over some days; and yes, I did need the money (damn Abbey National and their overdrawing penalties), but... but it's a holiday dammit!

I wanted to do some more writing. Did I? No.

I wanted to watch Wonderfalls, The L Word and Alias. Did I? Until NTL finally sorted out the cable last week, no.

I wanted to relax. Could I? Not really.

I wanted to go to the pictures? Did I? Well, yes (The Island, War of the Worlds, and so on). So that's something.

I wanted to write to my parents. So that's something else.

I wanted to see what KS found so great about Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

I wanted to apologise to Top Dogg about the yen thing (he doesn't live in Hong Kong). So that's something else done.

I wanted to read the next Harry Potter book. Wait a minute - no I didn't. (Sorry, Jen.)

I wanted to apologise for no Cindy Spot this week or last week (next week, I swear). So I have.

And I wanted to track down alt.gossip.celebrities' CliffB and Doug Abbott and... well, have you seen Se7en? You have? Oh good. You have an idea. Only not so restrained.

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The Archivist said...

You want to know what I found so great about Power Rangers Dino Thunder?

Well... first and foremost...

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S1, MMPRS2, MMPRS3, PRZeo, PRTurbo, PR in Space - all great series.

Then came PR Lost Galaxy. Good, but in some aspects, not as good as the previous six.

Next was PR Lightspeed Rescue. Completely and utterly sucked.

Then a brilliant gem was seen in PR Time Force. That was brilliant, quite possibly my FAVOURITE series as of that point.

PR Wild Force was the last season to be produced before production moved to New Zealand. All in all, it was great. Not to the standard of PRTF, but a LOT better than PRLG.

PR Ninja Storm was the first inkling that the shows were returning to the brilliance of the first three seasons.

And Power Rangers Dino Thunder confirmed that. It was quite simply, one of the greatest series in Power Rangers history with great actors, great plots, great characters, great everythings.

Not to mention:

1 - Emma Lahana as Kira Ford.
2 - The 'great' Tommy Oliver (former Green Morphin, White Thunder, White Ninja, Red Zeo and Red Turbo Rangers) reduced to a high school science teacher.
3 - The great lines that happened every episode.