Saturday, June 09, 2007

Saturday - hot, not hungry, and the dog won't shut up.

The first purchases of new US shows for the UK were announced last week, and they've been bagged by ITV. This is a conditional Feltz thanks to ITV's long history of fucking up US shows... anyway, they've got Pushing Daisies (one of the few I can really get worked up about; I just hope it's more successful than Anna Friel's last US show The Jury), Swingtown and Cane, and aim to have all three on their digital channels (Pushing Daisies on ITV2 and the other two on ITV3) with the first two getting airings on ITV1 as well. The thing is, they said that last year about Six Degrees, and we all know how that turned out. Plus... well...

Supernatural - 9 or 10 on ITV2, around 11 if it's on ITV1.
Numb3rs - ditto on ITV3, ditto on ITV1.
The Inside - late on ITV4, never on ITV1. (Admittedly it didn't really deserve any better.)
Friday Night Lights - 8pm on ITV4, never on ITV1.
Surface - early evenings on ITV2, Saturday afternoons on ITV1 (and terrestrial didn't even complete it).
Entourage - late on all its ITV channels.

And so on. And they got Law & Order: Trial By Jury (the only Law & Order series to be a flop). Way to go, ITV. Still, they have to come up trumps sometime.
What do two members of my staff (including Queen Cindy) and Ali Larter have to do with it? Well... um... nothing. (Although ITV back when they were still genuinely regionalised did show Cindy's Fox special about stuntwomen, which I still have on tape off Carlton's airing; and I think they screened Varsity Blues... and Hayden was definitely on This Morning when she came here to promote Racing Stripes. See, I can link anything!)

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Anonymous said...

You can link anything?

Link Rachel Bilson!

Nice pictures, and hopefully the station won't be a complete moron like has happened before...