Friday, June 01, 2007

Pinch punch

...and no returns. :)

With June comes Big Brother's return, so that's one more thing for me to avoid on TV. Speaking of which, as I always do and likely always will do (one of the good things about Bridge to Terabithia is that the non-TV-having Leslie wasn't portrayed as being unspeakably smug, although I do long for something that points out it is possible to be led astray by books), why is it that movies and TV shows are prone to being pulled due to links with real life incidents? They get rescheduled, but does that mean the people most likely to be affected deeply won't be upset by that time? I doubt it. There ain't no time limit for grief, people.
Short post, but I want to take a page from Mike's book (er, blog) and post something every day this month.

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Anonymous said...

Well, better you than me. I'm falling a little behind right now, but I hope to one day begin reblogging.