Sunday, June 10, 2007

Random irritation time.

The next issue of Playboy (after the one Booch raced down to Borders to get what with Amanda Beard being in it) features a birthday-suit-clad Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon (NYPD Blue, Lindsay Lohan's forthcoming I Know Who Killed Me and a lot of TV shows that weren't shown in the UK like The Jamie Foxx Show, were shortlived like Eyes, or were both like The Opposite Sex and Models, Inc.). It's not her nudity that inspired this post, as I'm not interested in her really - it's that a post on railed about her doing it, about how this almost never really boosts careers (which is true, and to their credit the blog pointed out it applies to white women as much as blacks - for every Pamela Anderson, Marilyn Monroe or Kim Basinger whose career was definitely given a major legup, there's a lot more than one Mercedes McNab or Gena Lee Nolin), how they make black women look bad (citing Robin Givens and Stacey Dash) and... er, I mean how they make Black women look bad, which is the term they used and bringing me to what really inspired this post.

The damn capitals.

Calling someone Black instead of black was a pin in my side years ago with Ebony and Jet, and times haven't changed. Okay, so the terminology is supposed to be signifying strength and meaning, but isn't that being divisive? Whites calling themselves Whites is fucking annoying, and so is this; it's not like there's a country called Black somewhere. That's one reason I stopped checking out black-obsessed papers, media, or whatever... it ain't helping, people.

Of course, there's another problem with this - it's that it isn't Gabrielle Union stripping off. Then I'd be a lot more interested, and this post would be a lot happier.

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Anonymous said...

/me wonders what is up with the capital Black.

The world is just stupid.

I'll talk more in chat, but: Why is it okay for black people to have Black History Month, but if white people want White History Month, they're being racist?