Sunday, June 24, 2007

The new "Heroes" theme song (what, it has one?).

Dallas. Starsky and Hutch. Hart to Hart. Knots Landing. What do these shows all have in common? No, not "They're all shit"; they all had their theme songs changed for French broadcasts, not always for the better (well, not for the better; I would not have thought anyone would think L'amour de risque (Hart to Hart) would be best served by a Gallic singer going "Jonathan 'art - whoaaaaa - Jennifer 'art..." but apparently someone did). To be fair it's not like English-speaking countries don't do that themselves, but there's usually a bid to make it work for the show - ask any British person of a certain age about White Horses for instance, or have a look at Secret Agent (aka Danger Man).

It happened with Prison Break on M6, with Ramin Djawadi's tense Emmy-nominated opening music changed to Faf Larage's "Pas le Temps" (a rap, I understand), and now it's happened with Heroes. TF1 (which will be screening the adventures of Claire, Niki, Hiro and the rest from June 30) arranged... well, read this translation from a French blogger:

Some months ago, Santi (artistic director of Music One, Tony Parker's label) proposed Victoria Petrosillo to record "Le Héros D'Un Autre", the French theme of the TV series Heroes, which will be aired from June 30 on... TF1.

The young singer accepted and the songs was proposed to NBC, producer of the American series. After many months, the final verdict was: NBC accepted the French theme! France will be the only country to have a different theme at the beginning and at the end of each episode. This single is also the first one of Victoria's upcoming album.

The problem is, many fans were disappointed by the song... Fabrice Sapolsky, from the magazine Comic Box, said that "The musical theme is not suitable for the audience, so TF1 is upset with the marketing of the channel for this series." Santi said that "The songs fits the series with a heroic sound"... According to him, "The audience will discover the song and those who loved will also love Heroes". Who is the artistic producer?

There's no doubt to copy the double-winner Prison Break/Faf Larage (500,000 copies sold for the French theme "Pas le temps"). (

On the upside, I'm not keen on these incredibly short openings that are all the rage nowadays (Lost, that means you) - and Victoria's song is more accessible to a wider audience than the atmospheric little piece Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman did. On the downside, there's nothing really WRONG with what's there now; and the song is sort of like the theme tune from ALF i.e not bad in its own right but doesn't actually go with the show - it's not like it's opening Roswell or Tru Calling. But check it out on Victoria's MySpace and decide for yourself. (And what's this about Nissan sponsoring a Heroes music video for season 2...?)

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