Tuesday, June 12, 2007

John from Cincinnati - or Welcome back, Dylan Sanders.

One of the greatest TV shows in history has come to an end. But enough about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, on to The Sopranos - specifically, the show HBO premiered around the time David Chase's creation finally ended (to no real tears from this corner; the series never truly had me as a fan, thanks to my not really warming to anyone in it - Six Feet Under is the real HBO masterwork from my point of view). John from Cincinnati is a show about a surfer dude, it says here, from Deadwood's David Milch... Deadwood being another show that suffered from a lack of engagement on my part. But soft! HBO very kindly lets folks who aren't in the US see the first episode online (even though it's a sure bet this'll turn up in the UK, as most HBO shows do... well, the dramas anyway), and for some reason Luke Perry's in it.

More interestingly, so's Rebecca DeMornay. Rebecca "Risky Business" DeMornay. Rebecca "engineer in the best Cannon movie ever, Runaway Train" DeMornay. Rebecca "psycho nanny" DeMornay. Rebecca "still totally hot and killed off way too soon in Identity" DeMornay. But why is she cast as a grandmother? Way to remind me of my age... still, it is so good to have her back that I'll watch it for her. Regardless of potentially unlikeable characters.

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to guess you like Rebecca DeMornay.