Saturday, June 30, 2007

Get used to disappointment.

Cindylover1969: Hi Mike.
TheArchivist: Hey, Victor.
Me: Um... can you do me a favour?
Him: I hope I can. What would that be?
Me: You know that CD (The Film Music of Basil Poledourise Vol. 1) I sent you a while back? The one that I thought was a bootleg? And which was in fact a genuine promo? I was wondering if you could... um... copy it for me? If I can't find another copy, that is.
Him: Um... I'd gladly do the favour, but I kind of lost both of the CDs.
Me: That happens.
Him: Sorry. :-(
Me: No harm done.

Disappointment two: I did have a closeup NSFW picture of Erica Campbell's flawless ass here, but I just deleted it. Sorry. :( I'll write a story about it later if you like, but for now use your imagination.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Victor.