Sunday, April 03, 2005

What a crappy weekend.

Is it because a passel of relatives on my dad's side turned up with no advance warning given to me, and will be staying here until fucking MONDAY, making 23 Barons Court even more cluttered and with the added drawback of my not actually liking children?

Is it because I ate too much at the end of a rough week before going to see Constantine and was on the verge of sleeping all the way through, thus necessitating a second screening of the thing?

Is it because I went to see a movie with the warning sign of Akiva Goldsman on the credits in the first place?

Is it because I have absolutely no money, and my only hope is to ask Sharon to lend me some (which I'd rather not have to do)?

Is it because Miramax/Dimension International isn't releasing Sin City over here until the 3rd of June?

Is it because eating the wrong stuff for days has been screwing up my system, building up the dreaded diabetes and making me feel sleepy and thirsty?

Is it because I'm in a down mood and I have to wait it out till I feel up again, a process made worse by my not using drugs?

Or is it because of something else? One thing for sure - when I finally get out of here it'll

a) be only big enough for me and my sisters if they have to come over,

and b) be somewhere that lets me have cable. :)

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The Archivist said...

Somehow I'd say it was a crappy weekend because of all those reasons.

Sorry to hear about the diabetes problems; I hope you can sort them out without too much hassle.

Yeah, cable's good!!