Monday, April 11, 2005

What I've been trying to do this weekend, and what I did.

Tried to: Make some headway in my latest stuff for The Place Jen Never Speaks Of.
Did: Write some very, very short stories. Including one with Jessica; one with Cindy; one with Lucy Pinder... and one with Natasha Bedingfield. I am so ashamed. (The ones in progress are still in that stage.)

Tried to: Go to the cinema.
Did: Go to the cinema (Robots - not a classic, but quite good; loses points for that tacked-on Melanie Blatt song at the end, which is only on UK prints and not on either of the CDs).

Tried to: Do some shopping.
Did: Do some shopping. :)

Tried to: Watch The O.C.
Did: Not manage it. Bring on the damn catchup.

And while I can sort of see how sport discussion is a form of comfort for people...

Tried to: Avoid the Grand National, golf, etc.
Did: Do so.

1 comment:

The Archivist said...

It appears you have a success rate of 90%, which is great!