Sunday, April 17, 2005

This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Well, the continuation of one - this is a chat I had with the wonderful Jennifer yesterday (some shorter messages edited together for readability). Stay tuned for further developments...

jencssa77: Good morning :)
Cindylover1969: Hi Jen. :)
jencssa77: How are you?
Cindylover1969: I'm okay, I guess... but I want to be better. I'm broke, I'm pissed... so maybe I'm not so okay. You?
jencssa77: I'm good :)
Cindylover1969: Great to hear... why so happy? Your team win? You and Rachel had a great session? What?
jencssa77: Both :-D
Cindylover1969: Lucky old you. I have a problem with my viewing tonight... I finally have a chance to see Laetitia Casta on TV for the first time in months, but it clashes with Charmed. I know they'll repeat tonight's episode but not for weeks. And since I can't tape one cable channel and watch another, what would you do?
jencssa77: Dunno. I personally would watch Charmed, but then I don't care about Casta
Cindylover1969: Oh, you are so going to pay for that. Eventually.
jencssa77: Sorry. Just being honest
Cindylover1969: Anyway, now that we know you have no taste :) , what else has been going on?
jencssa77: Not much...winding down
Cindylover1969: I need to try and get some money. I hate being broke. (After a pause.) You seem to have wound down to a complete stop. :) I've got an idea for a story we could do together.
jencssa77: Do tell
Cindylover1969: Set on an alternate Earth exactly like this one, except that it's heterosexuality that's seen as deviant. So the kind of stuff you and I and KMB and MuffinMan and TRL and (spit, cough) Andrew Troy Keller and so on like to write about is the norm, but MF and so on are illegal. Celebs that don't go both ways have to keep it in the closet... I don't know whether to do it as an adventure (the kind of stuff I like to do) or as a romance or whatever. Don't go ONE way, I mean.
jencssa77: That's what I's definitely an interesting idea. The biggest problem I can see is reproduction. Homosexuality can be as normal as it wants, but it still doesn't produce children
Cindylover1969: True. You see, it's a good thing I floated this with you; you spotted a flaw I never thought of. I guess they'd have to have test tube children. Or lesbians who want to have children inseminated with sperm from gay men who want to be fathers. Or deviants kept in centres for the purpose of breeding children, who get it drummed into their heads that they shouldn't be with their own kinds. Like a Catholic Church for gays (give them a child and they're theirs for life, and all that).
jencssa77: That works
Cindylover1969: Makes a change from an all-female future (or an all-male one). So... The second thing to do is decide on which celebs are in this one. The first one is to decide what the plot is.
jencssa77: Right. There would have to be someone fighting against the norm...a (gasp) heterosexual celebrity
Cindylover1969: Oh, definitely. And someone who's happy with things the way they are... and someone who's closeted. Secretly simpatico with... whoever the star of the story is.... but who doesn't want to come out.
jencssa77: We'll need a better "openly straight" character than Ellen DeGeneres ;)
Cindylover1969: Yes, that's for sure. ;) And the norm would have to stay in place at the end of the story... :( ...but it also has to have an idea that change'll come along sooner or later. :)
jencssa77: Yeah
Cindylover1969: The main thrust, I guess, could be two celebs being outed... one really is straight, the other's not. By someone who's an activist for this Straight Rights Movement (yeah, I know, that name has to change) and wants to get a message across.
jencssa77: Yeah...should we use a male celebrity in the story (and scenes) or create a non-famous male character?
Cindylover1969: Are there any male celebs you can see yourself writing about?
jencssa77: A couple. Most are athletes, but I could write about Pierce Brosnan or Brian Krause
Cindylover1969: Good. It would be a bit more believable if the male celebs were real as well as the female ones; let's use a real celeb.
jencssa77: Okay. If we use Brian, there's a trio of celebs that would fit in very nicely, albeit a bit obvious
Cindylover1969: You mean Shannen Doherty, Kerr Smith and that kid who played the little girl in the second season? :-D Seriously, though, those three celebs would fit... but OTOH Brosnan's a bigger name. Hell, he's James Bond... but it means you have to stretch a bit more for ladies to go with him.
jencssa77: If you want any tolerable ones, at least...wasn't he in a movie with Salma Hayek?
Cindylover1969: Yep.
jencssa77: There's one right there
Cindylover1969: And he's worked with Famke Janssen.
jencssa77: Yeah
Cindylover1969: Unfortunately he's also worked with Teri Hatcher and Denise Richards. :(
jencssa77: And Halle Berry. Strike her from the list of potentials
Cindylover1969: Too bad Zhang Ziyi wasn't in Tomorrow Never Dies instead of Michelle Yeoh. Yeoh's a better fighter but ZZ is more attractive. And I can't summon up much love for Rene Russo either.
jencssa77: No
Cindylover1969: How about the athletes?
jencssa77: Tom Brady, Adam Vinatieri...Theo Epstein (sports figure, not an athlete)
Cindylover1969: Well, there's never been a law barring athletes from being with non-athlete people... and I have no idea who those people are. This is your chance to combine your love of baseball and sex in one story. :) So is our male celeb the closeted straight or the framed one?
jencssa77: I can see arguments for both...I'm leaning towards framed
Cindylover1969: Cue MM scene(s). I can go with that...
jencssa77: Good, because you're writing all the MM scenes. That just doesn't do anything for me
Cindylover1969: Okay, then you're doing all the FF scenes.
jencssa77: Works for me. I'm thinking closet straight might be better for the guy. The open straight will be a celeb, yes? Female
Cindylover1969: Most of the main characters'll be female, so yes. I was thinking the person who outs them might be a guy as well. Not necessarily a celeb though. How many celebs go around outing other people in real life? They either do it themselves or leave it to other people...
jencssa77: Makes sense
Cindylover1969: And we mentioned the kids earlier... maybe one of the celebs should find she's pregnant. The closeted one, obviously - usually very careful, but she's gotten careless. She tries to concoct a story to give herself an excuse to be out of the public eye long enough for her to give birth secretly, but she's spotted.
jencssa77: And in the swarm of hate mail she receives from ex fans, she receives one from a female fan who sympathizes with her
Cindylover1969: And both women start to work for that movement? While becoming friends once the celeb meets this other closet case (assuming she is, and not only a sympathiser)?
jencssa77: Right. The fan isn't closeted, though
Cindylover1969: Good for her and you. Meanwhile the father of the child IS, and doesn't want anything to do with the whole affair...
jencssa77: Me? Whatever makes you think that the fan is me (and how did you know that I was thinking Laura Prepon for the celeb)? ;)
Cindylover1969: I knew we were going to work in the OTHER nice-bottomed redhead somewhere. ;) So that's one role taken care of.
jencssa77: Celeb or random person for the father?
Cindylover1969: Is LP seeing anyone in real life? If she is he could be the father...
jencssa77: Christopher Masterson
Cindylover1969: Francis from Malcolm in the Middle? We could use him. But you're writing that scene... (I was thinking we could share the MF scenes).
jencssa77: That's a plan
Cindylover1969: Kick it off with her sleeping with him some time before the whole thing begins - he does wear a condom but it breaks... Or start with an orgy with both MM and MF; then have one of the participants be a policeman who arrests them a la George Michael. Gets us going and establishes the place.
jencssa77: I like the single scene idea. I'm basing that mostly on the idea that Laura will be the main character...if that's not the case, let me know
Cindylover1969: When I suggested writing together I knew that Laura was going to be involved as one of the main characters; I figure we can work out a cast together. But I haven't got any problem with that.
jencssa77: Okay. What I'm thinking for the opening scene is Laura and Chris in bed, either during or just after sex, talking about how they can't keep doing this, and that they'll get caught
Cindylover1969: That could work. Is this when she actually conceives the child, or is she actually carrying it when they're in bed?
jencssa77: Conceives, I think
Cindylover1969: Yeah. Then for the next one we'd have that scene with the policeman, who's pretty much bribed to keep his mouth shut and look the other way. Almost blackmail potential if that wasn't one of the most overused plot points in these things...
jencssa77: heterosexuality illegal, or just frowned upon? I'm not quite clear on that
Cindylover1969: Illegal. Except in the breeding camps. Otherwise it's not the done thing. Laura might have to go to one of those camps once she's outed and pregnant... And becomes the centre of efforts by the non-closeted fan, the openly hetero celeb, and the movement. Sort of a symbol. Efforts to get her out, I mean. But if I'm heading down the wrong path, say so.
jencssa77: I think so
Cindylover1969: Mmmm... yeah. We'll have to straighten this out before we go any further.
jencssa77: I think so. Unfortunately, that'll have to wait. I've got to go. *kiss* See you later
jencssa77 signed off at 4:20 PM
Cindylover1969: Okay, I'll get this saved in my inbox or put on my blog (is that okay with you?), and we'll continue it later. *kiss* See you later.

As you've guessed, it was.

For the record, I ended up catching chunks of both Charmed and La San Felice/Luisa San Felice; luckily the former was more of a stand-alone episode than a major one, and to make sure I see part 2 of the latter next Saturday (a French-speaking unsubtitled Laetitia Casta is better than no Laetitia Casta at all) I'm throwing Las Vegas off my TiVo for Thursday's Charmed. Or I would if I had a TiVo...

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