Monday, April 11, 2005

So it's all right for Capitol Gold but not John Williams?

There are a lot of reasons I come to work so early in the morning. One is so I can write stuff like this. Another is so I can come in and play my own albums (one or two at a time) before it gets taken over by my co-workers, who just heart London's most successful oldies station Capitol Gold. (Last buys: a long-overdue replacement copy of A View To A Kill, and what you will see if you click the title. Once you get by the pictures, the music is a groove. Trust me.)

Anyway, this morning I had in Amistad by John Williams (probably the only composer mentioned on The Simpsons and given animated form on Family Guy - beat that, White Stripes), and just as the African-based strains for Spielberg's most underrated movie other than Empire of the Sun started to hit the final track, in comes Catherine to turn it down. It's always the way. And yet if it's something they like to listen to, up it goes.

Not good.

And I hate Capitol Gold; a little of that goes a long, long, long way...

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The Archivist said...

Why not turn it back up and justify it with it being the same as what they do?