Friday, April 15, 2005

Et tu, Kirsten?

Over on's message boards, in a thread discussing Danny Elfman splitting from the Spider-Man movies (thanks to his less than happy experience on the second one - music from the first movie got tracked in at some points, and several cues were rewritten by other composers [and individually listed in the end titles]... nasty, although the finished result does work in the movie), one member posted this nugget about the hitherto unimpeachable Kirsten Dunst:

during one of the publicity interviews, she made some snide comments about Elfman's score on the (song) soundtrack (i.e. it was padding and why would anybody want to listen to it).

If anyone knows exactly what she said, tell me. I can forgive her for Mona Lisa Smile and Small Soldiers, but this... this pretty much cancels out her beach pics.

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The Archivist said...

Ooh ... Kirsten, that was naughty.

And here I thought she was nice and kind and loving ...

How could she say something like that!