Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Steve Sullivan Post.

Steve does the Glamour Girls Then And Now site, now offshooted into a Yahoo! group; said site encourages its members to send in their own top 100 lists to keep a constant ranking. What's great about it is that the "Now" gets just as much love and encouragement as the "Then": no "Nostalgia rules OK?" here with him. (Although it does with a few of the members, but I put that down to age.) To bring my successful bid to post something every day this month to an end, here's my list of a hundred. No pictures, but that's what searching is for. (Apologies to Marisa Miller - and a whole load of others who couldn't be fitted in... no apologies to Avril Lavigne, Jamelia, Christina Aguilera, Linsey Dawn McKenzie et al.)

1. Cindy Crawford. My all-time favourite, though not my first proper celeb crush.
2. Rosanna Arquette. The first famous woman I had a real crush on - I bet more men saw Desperately Seeking Susan for her than Madonna would like! Patricia may have the Emmy, but Rosanna has a lot more...
3. Jessica Alba. I do not apologise for ranking her so high. :)
4. Paula Abdul. This woman owned my heart from 1989-1991; if there's one thing to thank reality TV for, it's reviving her fame (even if not in the way I'd like). If there's TWO things, it's introducing me to Katharine McPhee... :)
5. Mariah Carey. I know she gets plenty of flak (but not as much, these days, as Paula), but I don't care...
6. Laetitia Casta. Spends more time acting than modelling now, but thankfully doesn't mind peeling off for either activity. My favourite model other than Cindy.
7. Grace Kelly. CLASSIC. End of.
8. Brigitte Bardot. She may be animal crackers, and she may not have aged well (you wish she could have chosen to stay out of the way of cameras, the way Marlene Dietrich and Jack Lord did), but remember the end of Titanic when Old Rose transformed into Young Rose and joined the others back on the ship in their prime? Who lives in your mind, old BB or young BB? Exactly.

9. Monica Bellucci.
10. Hayden Panettiere. (It's my list.)

11. Steffi Graf.
12. Rebecca DeMornay.
13. Gwen Stefani.
14. Christie Brinkley.
15. Nastassja Kinski. She used to be called "Nasty." Not in reference to her looks.
16. Tia Carrere.
17. Erica Campbell.
18. Britney Spears.
19. Jennifer Beals.
20. Charlize Theron.

21. Donna Edmondson. The Playmate of the Year the first year I ever bought a Playboy, and a worthy choice.
22. Jennifer Love Hewitt.
23. Brooke Burke.
24. Sophie Anderton.
25. Raquel Welch.
26. Kyla Cole.
27. Elle Macpherson.
28. Emmanuelle Beart.
29. Aria Giovanni.
30. Gong Li.

31. Vida Guerra.
32. Joanna Krupa.
33. Liv Tyler.
34. Stephanie Bews.
35. Michele Carey.
36. Kelly Hu.
37. Erika Eleniak.
38. Alyssa Milano.
39. Carol Alt.
40. Diora Baird.

41. Gabrielle Union.
42. Petra Nemcova.
43. Danni Ashe.
44. Jaclyn Smith.
45. Lisa Bonet.
46. Marilyn Monroe.
47. Barbara Parkins.
48. Jayne Mansfield.
49. Gene Tierney.
50. Peggy Lipton.

51. Lee Remick.
52. Demi Moore.
53. Pam Grier. Sadly docked points (not for how she looks now on The L Word but for my big sister saying someone told her she looks like her....).
54. Julia Roberts.
55. Naomi Campbell.
56. Sophie Marceau.
57. Diane Lane.
58. Lana Wood.
59. Jamie-Lynn DiScala.
60. Anna Nicole Smith.

61. Lucy Liu.
62. Scarlett Johansson.
63. Lucy Pinder.
64. Stephanie Zimbalist (for Remington Steele, obviously).
65. Maria Sharapova.
66. Hilary Duff.
67. Anna Kournikova.
68. Keeley Hazell.
69. Janet Jones.
70. Ingrid Bergman (if she's good enough for Jerry Goldsmith, she's good enough for me).

71. Shakira.
72. Janet Jackson (never liked her music, but always loved her body. Even if it's not natural).
73. Salma Hayek.
74. Samantha Fox.
75. Nicollette Sheridan.
76. Louise Redknapp.
77. Barbara Stanwyck.
78. Halle Berry.
79. Phoebe Cates (not a major fan, but you can't deny she's something).
80. Beyonce Knowles.

81. Nicole Kidman.
82. Gwyneth Paltrow.
83. Lori Singer.
84. Kathy Ireland.
85. Erica Durance.
86. Estella Warren.
87. Heidi Klum.
88. Joan Chen. (And indeed the entire female cast of Twin Peaks.)
89. Miriam Gonzalez.
90. Anna Friel.

91. Kimberley Davies.
92. Kiana Tom.
93. Kimiko Tanaka (also from BodyShaping, and my favourite regular after Kiana).
94. Bridget Fonda.
95. Jennifer Garner.
96. Kim Basinger.
97. Traci Lords.
98. Brooke Shields.
99. Maggie Green (well-endowed and cute "glamour" model).
100. Holly Marie Combs (come back to TV, Holly!).

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Why do you thank Paula for introducing you to Katharine and not put Katharine on your list?