Monday, September 24, 2007

The Please Let It Be True Post.

Doing my usual Google search for Cindy Crawford, I found out that there are rumours that the other Cindy Crawford - the porn star, natch - is retiring. I don't know if these are true since I don't follow her career (or any porn star's, really) with any degree of closeness, but anything that reduces my turning up articles on the wrong Cindy when looking for the one true Cindy is to be encouraged. Now as soon as G.W. Tush goes away I'll stop turning up articles on Crawford, Texas as well. Hopefully.

Illustration because 1) Heroes starts up again Monday night in the US, 2) Hayden's a far more fetching blonde than the other Cindy Crawford, and 3) it's obvious.

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Anonymous said... she in the Karate Kid pose?