Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Wait, That Was IT?!? Post.

As if this past week wasn't rough enough what with one person leaving in a pique and another just leaving (and increasing the workload thusly, though bless sweet Anna for letting me know that we're getting three new people on Monday), today I finally got around to watching the episodes of Ghost Whisperer and Veronica Mars that I'd taped last week. Except the former was missing and the latter was the last episode.

Not that Trouble bothered to advertise it as such, not so I'd notice. But anyway, I have to admit that I really didn't think it was going to end on such an abrupt note - no one was in danger but to leave all the main current plots hanging forever... dubbed "The Bitch Is Back" in tribute to CW programming head Dawn Ostroff, apparently. Subtle, Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero. Very subtle. (Less laudably, there is no excuse for having Kristen Bell sing James Blunt. None, you hear me? None.)

Not that the third season overall was as good as the previous two, anyway. But it was still a good show which deserved better than it got not only at home but over here... never mind, Rob Thomas will be back, and so will Kristen now she's gotten the spot of the most lickable person on Heroes not called Hayden Panettiere (the countdown to Maxim sniffing around to pair them up starts... now).

As for Ghost Whisperer, at least they're repeating the first four episodes tomorrow. Remember, in order to tell you her story, she has to tell you theirs.

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone actually worked out what her story is?