Friday, September 21, 2007

The Last Listened To Russ Meyer's Original Motion Picture Soundtracks Post.

QDK Media can't be accused of false advertising - this CD is indeed the soundtracks for Up!, Beneath the Valley of the Ultravixens and Supervixens. With not only music but dialogue and sound effects; the upside is that the dialogue helps you know which movie you're listening to if you're busy going through loads of pictures of Jessica Alba (for instance, he added). But the downside is... well, I'm not a big fan of movie dialogue on albums a lot of the time, especially since the Up! section of the CD has pronouncements that Mohinder Suresh haters will really despise.

The music itself (William Loose, Paul Ruhland and William Tasker) goes from stripper-suitable scoring to more standard stuff, and combined with the booklet (which features all the credits for all three movies and loads of NSFW pictures), this is practically like seeing the movies. So thanks. It's fun, though... but man, I could do without the dialogue.

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Anonymous said...

About the only soundtracks that I like/would like movie dialogue on are Phantom and RENT.