Monday, October 01, 2007

The October 1 Post.

High School Musical 2 isn't as much fun as the first one, because

1. There's too much Zac Efron;
2. There's not enough Vanessa Hudgens;
3. There's a bit too much emphasis on the story;
4. Once again there's no real reason for Sharpay to be counted as one of the crowd (unlike Ryan, who genuinely earns it);
5. It's not technically a high school musical this time around; and
6. The songs aren't, on the whole, up to the original.

But will I watch it again? Yes, because it still succeeds in leaving a nice warm fuzzy. And because Vanessa is still... you know. :) Even if she is the world's worst lipsyncer.

And now, if YouTube doesn't screw up, the Queen.

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Anonymous said...

So, we both watch movies for the eye candy?