Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Saturday Morning Post.


Anyhoo, yesterday Brandon asked me if I had the Vanessa Hudgens naked picture. I told him Ken sent it to me (which he did) but that I hadn't saved it (which I thought I hadn't)... this morning I looked in my files, and there it was. The image that the lawyers have now made it very risky to put up. But by then Brandon had managed to get it anyway.

And cheers to Vanessa for not being silly about it, and to Disney for not giving her the bum's rush from High School Musical 3. Happy endings all round it would seem... but then, this is High School Musical we're talking about. (And with Ashley Tisdale's downblouse shot and this, they may even have made some new fans if you know what I mean.)

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Anonymous said...

The world runs on perviness?