Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday morning, 3:21am

Start of another four-day week. (Monday is a holiday for me because I feel I may want to recover from being in the same room as Hayden - as part of NBC's publicity jaunt the cheerleader, Mr. Bennet and the brothers Petrelli are going to be in the UK towards the end of the week; La Panettiere is due to be with Chris Moyles, Jack Coleman's on GMTV and Milo Ventimiglia is on This Morning, so where's Adrian Pasdar?) And meanwhile, I'm discussing future stories with my partner Brandon, and getting ready to... sign off and watch another episode of season six of Gilmore girls. No stress, thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Gilmore Girls is a bit of an alright, though Emily is a manipulative bitch.