Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The moment has come...

Not only has my blog been unlocked, but as I write this in just over four hours (or six minutes, depending on where you stand, as she was born in New York) Hayden Leslie Panettiere will finally be 18. Which means she can legally drink - I think - and, for other purposes, also means that those men whose fantasies about her have been tainted by guilt can officially perv without getting told off (and also means that when she appears on Chris Moyles's show next Friday it'll be a bit less creepy for some).

Of course, for those who were already fantasising about her it'll be business as usual.

All we have to do now is hope she turns out to be more like Jessica Alba and less like one of the Olsen Twins... I'm an optimist at heart.

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Anonymous said...

Your blog was locked?

Hayden is a hot little piece of ass.