Sunday, August 12, 2007

iHate iTunes.

Misunderstand me not, I

BONUS FELTZ: Me, for opening a packet of Asda chicken, recoiling at the pungent smell, throwing it away, forgetting to wrap it up securely before doing so, and thus making the flat smell yucky and incurring the wrath of Sharon. Pillock that I am. END OF BONUS FELTZ

As I was saying - I don't have any real problem with people buying music online in download form, and I'm certainly not going to be rushing out to see Underdog when it comes out here (or if it comes out here)... but when I see the ad says "Soundtrack Available on Hollywood Records," I naturally assume it'll be out on old-fashioned physical media. Nope - like all too many of their recent OSTs it's download only. In keeping with the forward-thinking House of Mouse, maybe, but a pisser for those of us who aren't iTunes subscribers. Considering MovieScore Media's moved into CD from download-only, it can't be that much of a problem. (For the record, the Underdog OST has Kyle "Cory Baxter" Massey doing a rap with the rest of it being Randy Edelman.)

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Anonymous said...

Progress is fine, but people shouldn't have it forced upon them.