Friday, August 24, 2007

Bring on the weekend.

Ken, who updates his blog about as often as Michelle Williams has a hit record, sent me clips of Paula Marshall on Californication - since he doesn't update, and since this blog doesn't do NSFW pictures, see snaps here. You now know how she could have done something about her reputation as a show killer (plus copious nudity would only have made the already-good Cupid even better. Granted, Channel 5 ran all fifteen episodes in an afternoon slot (and they've never been repeated), but...).
Meanwhile, even though Hayden Panettiere's FHM spread is all over the Net, I've decided to save myself and wait until actually buying the magazine (and only in the version with her solo cover - no offence, Masi Oka [a rare case of FHM having a guy on the cover, even if he shares space on one with her] ) ... the last time I did something like this, even unto deleting pictures unopened in my inbox, was with Cindy's last Playboy spread. That says a lot about the young lady. In fact, what with her magazine shoot and a Blades of Glory score CD coming out (and not download-only like some Lakeshore albums) it's all good.
Finally managed to get Cindy and her offspring up. That family must need a whole forest's worth of sticks to beat them off with.

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Saving yourself...

I don't want to know, right?