Monday, August 27, 2007

Seven days between each bar.

Since being diagnosed with the D-word lo these many years ago (well, not all that many), I've been trying - not always successfully - to reduce sugar intake. (This is admittedly dreadfully self-indulgent, but I defy you to name a blog that isn't.) Some areas are roaring successes - the days when I could put away entire packets of Crawford's or Fox's best in one go are behind me - but one thing I've tried to do has been a problem.

I like chocolate. Not all kinds (NO NUTS!), but I like the stuff. And I tried in the past to ration myself to one bar a week. But I can't keep track of the damn things, and when I'm miserable and I'd rather not have Nutri-Grain Raisin Bakes (tasty though they are, they can have a rather... um... smellable side effect, if you know what I mean), it's hard to keep from popping over to the corner shop and getting a Double Decker or Kit Kat. So now I'm just going to note when I get them on this blog. For no one's benefit but my own.

A whole week without Cadbury's or Ritter's, or Hershey's if I'm in Selfridges at the time, stretches ahead. Is it bearable? Yes.

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Anonymous said...

I hope this plan works.