Sunday, July 22, 2007

This has been a production of The Cindy Spot.

In the US, Rihanna has finally been knocked off the number one spot (good work, Butch!). Over here she's still at the top, so it'll probably continue raining... but there's still things to make you smile in this world, like Agent Provocateur chucking Kate Moss in the bin and hiring the genuinely sexy Maggie Gyllenhaal instead. And production company logos.

Sharon's gotten into Everybody Loves Raymond (which isn't true for UK audiences generally, boom-tish!) thanks to Paramount Comedy, and I mentioned that I heard the Where's Lunch bit at the end only reused one meal in all nine seasons of the show. Shaz doesn't notice these things even though she watches it a lot more than I do, but then I love end credits. And company logos. And the names of companies. To get more self-indulgent, and because American TV shows are great for this kind of thing, here are ten of my favourites, with a load more listed here:

Tit 4 Tat Productions. The wonderfully-monickered company of Tiffani-Amber Thiessen (I know she goes by Tiffani Thiessen now, but still).
Chuck Lorre Productions. Not for the name, but for the op-ed pieces he gives us at the end of Dharma & Greg and Two And A Half Men.
Kari's Logo Here. Have yet to see a single episode of The New Adventures of Old Christine (it's shown on UKTV Gold despite being neither old nor British), but any company name that tweaks the whole vanity logo concept is fine with me.
4. Vanity Logo Productions (as seen on Camp Wilder and one of Lauren Graham's several pre-Gilmore girls flops, Townies). See above.

5. McNamara Paper Products, Inc. Featuring a paper plane and the motto "We Make Scripts, So You Don't Have To," and seen after Vengeance Unlimited and Fastlane. A witty little logo.
6. Once Upon A Time Films. No better way to end a TV movie than to have a child switch off a set.
7. Stephen J. Cannell Productions. Because he got in the logo.
8. Bankable Productions. Tyra's voluptuous profile being locked in a bank vault.
9. Worldwide Pants Incorporated. DAAAAAAAVIIIIIIID LETTERMANNN!!!!
10. Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions. A perfect match for Gilmore girls.

"Goodnight, Mr. Walters..."

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I'm familiar with the Where's Lunch bit.

Nice list, though.