Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Live Earth was just as much of a ratings underperformer on BBC1 (and 2) as on NBC; festival fatigue (this came along the same weekend as T In The Park and in the wake of Glastonbury and that Diana thing - which killed Live Earth in the ratings by the way)? Competition with Wimbledon? Anyway, it seems to have worked just as well as that Make Poverty History thing. Meaning not very much at all. And it's depressing that a concert to commemorate Diana Spencer's taste in music is a bigger draw than a bid to increase notice of global warming... who would have thought the Daily Express (the most Diana-obsessed paper in Britain, and probably the world) would have so much influence?

BBC2 (or BBC Two, as they insist on calling it) has now started trailing Heroes - many British bloggers are already commanding people to watch it when it starts in a fortnight, and I shall be no exception. At this point, I can either embed its promo set to a cover version of Skeeter Davis' "The End of the World," or post some of these stunning shots of my baby Hayden from Monday.

I may be a nerd, but I'm not stupid. Toodles.

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Anonymous said...

Hayden is hot.

That is all.