Saturday, July 14, 2007

They'll never stop "The Simpsons," have no fear, they've got music for years...

The Simpsons, as I may have stated, is one of my all-time favourite shows (of course it's not as good as it used to be, but I will still defend it to the end), and its terrific music is one of the best things about it. From Danny Elfman's indelible theme to Alf Clausen's work from season two onwards (Clausen wasn't on the show originally, with scoring duties being handled by such familiar-to-scoring-fans names as Arthur B. Rubinstein, Patrick Williams, Ray Colcord and Elfman's Oingo Boingo bandmate Richard Gibbs) to the songs, they've maintained a high standard that has only been recognised twice by the Emmys when it comes to turning nominations into wins ("We Put The Spring In Springfield" and "You're Checkin' In (A Tribute To The Betty Ford Clinic)"). Which doesn't really excuse The Simpsons Sing The Blues and The Yellow Album, both by all accounts commercial tie-in albums that I wouldn't go near if you paid me (especially since the latter was shelved for six years!) - but the former did help Bart and Co. become the first cartoon characters since the Archies to have a UK #1; three weeks at the top with "Do The Bartman" in 1991, no mean feat considering The Simpsons was only on Sky at the time) and a #7 with "Deep Deep Trouble."

Rhino's two essential discs of actual music from the show, The Simpsons: Songs in the Key of Springfield and Go Simpsonic With The Simpsons, are of course another matter... I've been waiting for a third set for almost a decade now and now Shout! Factory come to the rescue with The Simpsons: Testify (named after Bart's rousing gospel number from "Faith Off"), tying in with the new season this September and featuring more of the vocal numbers (though sadly not much or anything in the way of Clausen's scoring - check out "Homer Defined" or the ending of "Mother Simpson" for two excellent examples - or customised arrangements of Elfman's theme). Here's the tracklist.

The Simpsons Main Title Theme
The Very Reason That I Live (featuring Kelsey Grammer)
He's the Man (featuring Shawn Colvin)
Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl
The Simpsons End Credits Theme (performed By Los Lobos)
Ode to Branson
Sold Separately
Island of Sirens
They'll Never Stop the Simpsons
You're a Bunch of Stuff
What Do I Think of the Pie?
Baby Stink Breath
Tastes Like Liberty
Homer & Marge (featuring "Weird" Al Yankovic)
Everybody Hates Ned Flanders (medley) (featuring David Byrne)
I Love To Walk
Marjorie (featuring Jackson Browne)
"The President Wore Pearls" medley
Glove Slap (featuring the B-52's)
O Pruny Night
America (I Love This Country)
America Rules
Welcome to Moe's
We Are the Jockeys
Song of Shelbyville
"A Star Is Torn" medley
Who Wants a Haircut? (featuring Baha Men)
"My Fair Laddy" medley
Springfield Blows
King of Cats (Itchy & Scratchy medley)
Lady (featuring Ricky Gervais)

You Make Me Laugh
Lady Riff (featuring Ricky Gervais)
Poppa, Can You Hear Me?
"Yokel Chords" medley
Previously unaired bonus tracks:
"Hullaba Lula" (featuring Kelsey Grammer)
"Song of the Wild Beasts"
"Dancing Workers' Song"
"Oldies and Nudies"

Note to the producers: speaking of Shawn Colvin, isn't it about time we found out what happened to Rachel Jordan?

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Have I shown you Shawn Colvin's Diamond In The Rough?

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